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Mader-- Biology-- AP Edition 11th Edition
Sylvia Mader
1) identify the feature found in cooksonia that qualify it as a vascular plant.
a. presence of roots
b. contained leaves
c. had branches that ended in sporangia
d. produced windblown spores
2) which association of structure and function is incorrect?
a. chorion - gas exchange
b. amnion - blood vessels
c. allantois - waste storage
d. yolk sac - food storage
3) if you live on a river delta or coastline, you may not be able to eat the local shellfish
because of high levels of toxins, even though you may be able to drink the water taken
from the same source. why?
a. shellfish seasonally produce toxic substances.
b. shellfish regularly consume poisonous red tide organisms.
c. most harmless native clams have been replaced by bad species.
d. shellfish filter-feed and concentrate the dilute pollutants from the water, thus acting
as early warning indicators of severe pollution.
4) identify which event will occur during prophase i of meiosis but does not occur
during prophase of mitosis.
a. bivalents will form
b. nuclear envelope will dissolve
c. centrioles will form in animal cells
d. chromatin will condense into chromosomes
5) the introduction of normal genes into an afflicted individual for therapeutic use is
a. human cloning.
b. proteonomics.
c. gene therapy.
d. genetic profiling.
6) which sequence of stages in mitosis is correct?
a. prophase, anaphase, prometaphase, metaphase, telophase
b. prophase, telophase, anaphase, prometaphase, metaphase
c. prophase, prometaphase, metaphase, anaphase, telophase
d. telophase, anaphase, prophase, prometaphase, metaphase
e. anaphase, prometaphase, metaphase, prophase, telophase
7) according to the endosymbiosis theory _______ were engulfed by larger eukaryotic
a. mitochondria
b. golgi apparatus
c. lysosomes
d. ribosomes
8) which definition would best describe the feeding mechanism of euglena?
a. carnivorous
b. decomposer
c. heterotrophic
d. photoautotrophic
e. mixotrophic
9) in 1940, two researchers named weiner and landsteiner discovered that about 85
percent of the human population sampled possessed a blood cell protein that had been
previously detected in rhesus monkeys. this blood type was labeled rh positive, and rh+
was found to be dominant over the absence of the blood factor (rh). under normal
mendelian inheritance, which of the following statements is false?
a. two rh+ parents could have an rh- child.
b. two rh- parents could have an rh+ child.
c. an rh- child would require that both parents be carriers of at least one rh- gene.
d. it is possible with just one pair of parents to have children where some siblings are
rh- and some are rh+.
e. all of the choices are false.
10) which of the following events will occur in response to gravitrophism?
a. because of the change in the plants position it will have sediments of statoliths
(amyloplasts containing starch granules) settle towards the lower side of the stems and
roots and come into contact with the cytoskeletal elements.
b. the stems on the shady side of the plant will elongate due to the presence of auxin.
c. the tendril of the plant will coil around any type of substrate that it comes into contact
d. the guard cells will swell with water due to an increase in sodium ions which will
cause the plant to grow upright.
11) a lipid is a polymer made up of which kind of monomers?
a. glucose or modified glucose molecules
b. amino acids
c. nucleotides
d. alternating sugar and phosphate groups
e. fatty acids and glycerol
12) match the type of circulatory system with the organism in which it is found.
1> clams and oysters a. open circulatory system
2> grasshoppers b. closed circulatory system
3> earthworms c. open circulatory system
13) what is the primary goal of conservation biology?
a. management of the earth's biodiversity.
b. discovery of new sources of food and medicines.
c. preservation of crucial habitat for the benefit of multiple species.
d. balance the needs of the human population against the rest of the species on earth.
e. identify the most endangered and threatened species so efforts can be made to protect
14) seeds contain all of the following except
a. an embryo sporophyte.
b. sufficient water for germination.
c. stored food.
d. a seed coat
15) bangladesh has 2596 persons per square mile, while the united states has 780
persons per square mile and canada has 9 persons per square mile. these statistics
compare the _____ of these countries.
a. population densities
b. population distributions
c. carrying capacities
d. rate of natural increase
e. limiting factors
16) in transcriptional control in eukaryotic cells
a. a different combination of dna binding proteins (transcriptional factors) may regulate
the activity of a particular gene.
b. enhancers may be involved in the promotion as well as regulation of gene
c. the control may be due to the phosphorylation of transcriptional factors by a kinase.
d. all of the choices are correct.
e. only two of the choices are correct.

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