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Mader-- Biology-- AP Edition 11th Edition
Sylvia Mader
1) you need to identify a plant, but it is winter and the leaves have fallen to the ground
and mixed with leaves from other plants. the parts of flowers, fruits, and seed leaves of
germinating seeds are not available either. your best clue to identify the plants as a
monocot or a eudicot is to
a. inspect the stem for woody bark, as only eudicots have woody tissue.
b. determine if there are parallel xylem tubes in the stem to identify it as a monocot.
c. determine if the roots lack phloem and xylem to identify it as a monocot.
d. cut the stem and if the vascular bundles are in a distinct ring, it is a monocot.
e. cut the stem and if the vascular bundles are scattered in the stem, it is a monocot.
2) which of the following structures is classified as a nucleic acid?
a. adenine
b. rna
c. thymine
d. guanine
e. cytosine
3) eukaryotic chromosomes
a. consist of both dna and protein.
b. may occur as chromatin.
c. contain histones responsible for packaging dna to fit into a small space.
d. all of the choices are correct.
4) which statement concerning body symmetry is not correct?
a. in radial symmetry, two identical halves are obtained regardless of how the animal is
sliced longitudinally.
b. the evolution of bilateral symmetry is accompanied by cephalization.
c. asymmetrical animals have no body shape.
d. bilaterally symmetric animals are usually sessile.
e. radial symmetry is useful because the animals can reach out in all directions.
5) which of the following is not a protein function?
a. support
b. transportation
c. defense
d. motion
e. insulation
6) which of these conditions is not among the requirements of the hardy-weinberg
equilibrium of allele frequencies in a population?
a. small population with genetic drift
b. no net migration of alleles into or out of the population
c. no net mutations
d. no selection of one genotype over another
e. random mating population
7) evaporation of water through the stomata of leaves is
a. guttation.
b. respiration.
c. transpiration.
d. photosynthesis.
8) which of the following features enable organisms like planarian to respire and
exchange nutrients?
a. a trilobed gastrovascular cavity
b. closed circulatory system
c. an open circulatory system
d. coelomic fluid
9) the first cells gave rise to
a. bacteria and archaea.
b. archaea and protists.
c. bacteria and fungi.
d. eukaryotes and bacteria.
10) in the body, glucose is stored in the liver as
a. starch.
b. protein.
c. glycogen.
d. fat.
e. amino acids.
11) fertilization in humans normally occurs in the
a. uterus.
b. vagina.
c. abdominal cavity.
d. ovarian follicle.
e. oviducts.
12) which of the following is not true about cancer cells?
a. they never fully differentiate.
b. they exhibit contact inhibition.
c. they exhibit uncontrolled growth.
d. they exhibit disorganized growth.
e. they may undergo metastasis.
13) identify the correct sequence of events for the formation of a blood clot.
a. a- e -d -b- f- c
b. e- d- b- f -c - a
c. a- b- f- c - e - d
d. f- c - d - a - e - b
14) identify the organisms that belong to the phylum that are included in the
a. octopuses & sea stars
b. polychaetes and roundworms
c. sea stars and crocodiles
d. tapeworms and mollusks
e. blood flukes and crustaceans
15) when a bacterium is introduced to a new environment that is an appropriate medium
for that species to grow, fission allows a rapid expansion of the population
(2-4-8-16-32-64 . . . etc.). but there is usually a slight lag before the bacteria actually
begin building up such a logarithmic growth curve. what is the best explanation?
a. it takes time for sub-cellular units to evolve the ability to digest new media.
b. a bacterium is not actively producing all the enzymes it can code for, and it takes
time to induce and amplify the production of the currently needed enzymes.
c. binary fission becomes more and more efficient.
d. a new media dissolves away repressor proteins.
e. structural genes act more slowly than metabolic genes.

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