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Mader-- Biology-- AP Edition 11th Edition
Sylvia Mader
1) which type of soil is best able to retain calcium and potassium, preventing them from
being leached away by runoff?
a. clay
b. humus
c. sand
d. all soils are equal in preventing leaching of minerals.
e. none of these soils would prevent leaching of minerals.
2) protons (h+) accumulate in the thylakoid space during electron transport between
photosystems i and ii. the excess of protons in the thylakoid space
a. enters the photorespiration pathway.
b. converts nadp to nadph and generates atp in the process.
c. is small enough to diffuse back out through the lipid bilayer.
d. raises the ph of the space until the processes stop.
e. moves from the thylakoid space to the stroma through an atp synthase complex
channel that generates atp.
3) which is the correct sequence for the evolution of reptilian features?
a. notochord, vertebrae, jaws, bony skeleton, lungs, 4 limbs and an amniotic egg
b. notochord, jaws, vertebrae, bony skeleton, lungs, 4 limbs and an amniotic egg
c. notochord, vertebrae, jaws, cartilaginous skeleton, lungs, 4 limbs and an amniotic egg
d. vertebrae, jaws, notochord, bony skeleton, lungs, 4 limbs and an amniotic egg
e. notochord, vertebrae, jaws, 4 limbs, bony skeleton, lungs, and an amniotic egg
4) the crayfish has a cavity or 'statocysts" lined with sensory setae or hairs. a grain in
the cavity is pulled downward by gravity; the pressure against the bottom hairs of the
cavity gives the crayfish a perception of being upright and, when it changes orientation,
the grain touches side hairs that make it realize it is not upright. thus the crayfish
"knows" which way is up in the dark. this sense is most closely related in function to
the human sense of
a. hot and cold.
b. hearing.
c. smell.
d. sight.
e. balance.
5) what is parthenogenesis?
a. a sexual means of internal fertilization
b. an asexual means of reproduction involving budding
c. an asexual means of reproduction by splitting or fission into several new individuals
d. a modification of sexual reproduction in which an unfertilized egg develops into a
complete individual
e. a sexual means of reproduction by which cross-fertilization occurs between
6) which form of energy is not correctly associated with the related example?
a. kinetic energy: fat molecules
b. kinetic energy: movement of muscles
c. chemical energy: glucose
d. potential energy: water held behind a dam
e. potential energy: atp
7) which is a true statement about ribosomes?
a. ribosomes contain dna and protein.
b. ribosomes are active in carbohydrate synthesis.
c. ribosomal subunits leave the nucleus after being formed by the nucleolus.
d. polyribosomes are the subunits of ribosomes.
e. ribosomes are only found associated with the endoplasmic reticulum in prokaryotic
8) which type of animal is most likely to gain water by osmosis from its environment?
a. marine bony fishes
b. freshwater bony fishes
c. cartilaginous fishes
d. reptiles
e. birds
9) as we age we tend to see a decrease in the function of various body systems. a
decrease in which system will lead to problems in regulating our temperature?
a. integumentary system
b. cardiovascular system
c. digestive system
d. respiratory system
e. excretory system
10) which statement is not true about nervous tissue?
a. cells in the nervous system that conduct electrical impulses are called neurons.
b. neuroglia support and protect neurons.
c. the dendrites carry electrical impulses away from the cell body of the neuron.
d. nerve fibers are long axons covered by a myelin sheath.
e. neuroglia provide neurons with nutrients and keep them free of cellular debris.
11) when the dorsal root of a spinal nerve is cut
a. death immediately occurs.
b. incoming sensory nerve impulses are lost.
c. outgoing motor nerve impulses are lost.
d. impulses do not cross over to the other side of the body.

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