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Sylvia Mader
1) all cells have a cell wall that regulates the passage of molecules into and out of the
2) dr. james isolated staphylococcus aureus, a type of bacteria, from the leg wound of a
ten year old boy. he suspected these bacteria would grow better at body temperature
than room temperature (72f), but thought that he should collect data to support his
thinking. dr. james introduced the same number of staphylococcus bacteria into each of
six test tubes containing the same type and amount of nutrient broth. three test tubes
were incubated at 98.6f (group 1), while three test tubes (group 2) sat at 72f. after 24
hours, dr. james compared the turbidity (indicative of growth) of all six tubes and rated
each on a scale of 0 - 4. 0 indicates no turbidity (no growth), while 4 indicates high
turbidity (high growth). the following data was collected:
dr. james performed another experiment. instead of inoculating the test tubes with
staphylococcus, he used the bacterium, streptococcus. he found that streptococcus grew
better at body temperature than at room temperature. this is a replicate of the first
a true
b false
3) proteomics is the study of the exact role of the genome in cells or organisms.
4) the similarity in the behavior of identical twins, even if separated at birth, is evidence
that behavior is due to environmental influences.
5) living things are made up of cells
6) in intracytoplasmic sperm injection (icsi), a single sperm is injected into an egg in an
attempt to create a zygote.
7) both living and nonliving entities are organized at the cellular level
the cylinders in this experiment represent a 24-hour period. the light area represents
light periods during a 24-hr. period and the dark area represents dark periods during a
24-hr. period. the critical length of dark vs. light periods for flowering is depicted by the
dotted line. note that some plants are flowering and some are not flowering.
short-day plants flower when the day length is longer than the critical length.
the cylinders in this experiment represent a 24-hour period. the light area represents
light periods during a 24-hr. period and the dark area represents dark periods during a
24-hr. period. the critical length of dark vs. light periods for flowering is depicted by the
dotted line. note that some plants are flowering and some are not flowering.
a hormone is produced in small amounts in a tissue, and it causes a physiological action
within that same tissue soon after its production.
10) phosphoenylpyruvate carboxylase (pepcase) fixes carbon dioxide(c1) to pep(c3) to
form oxaloacetate(c4) within mesophyll cells of the c-4 plants.
11) convergent evolution has occurred when distantly related species have a structure
that looks the same only because of adaptation to the same type of environment.
12) which statement is not true about a retrovirus?
a. it may cause cancer or aids.
b. it contains reverse transcriptase.
c. it remains in the host cell genome, but is not replicated when host dna is replicated.
d. it has the capacity to integrate cdna into the host dna of the cell it infects.
13) prosimians include
a. lemurs.
b. baboons.
c. gibbons.
d. all of the above are correct.
e. none of the above are correct.
14) earthworms possess both male and female organs on separate segments; thus,
mating consists of "parallel parking" in opposite directions and cross-fertilizing. given
this, which of the following is (are) true?
a. this is evidence of a primitive state that is generally less efficient than separate sexes.
b. this is primarily to allow them to self-fertilize if no other worm is in their sector of
the soil.
c. this is an advantage since they can mate with any other earthworm of the same
species that they encounter.
d. maintaining any system not clearly male or female is disadvantageous; the
earthworm is trapped in an evolutionary dead end.
15) characteristics of birds include all of the following except
a. aquatic reproduction.
b. endotherms.
c. modified reptilian scales as feathers.
d. hard-shelled eggs.
e. a modified skeleton with a fused collarbone and a keel.
16) which of the following features are shared by all of the jawed fish?
a. endothermic, gills and scales.
b. ectothermic, smooth nonscaly skin and bony skeleton.
c. cartilaginous endoskeleton, gills and scales.
d. bony endoskeleton, gills and scales.
17) when people have health issues associated with their kidneys doctors may prescribe
diuretic drugs. why would someone with high blood pressure be prescribed these drugs?
a. diuretic drugs decrease urine flow and the more fluid and watery blood is easier to
b. diuretic drugs increase urine flow and decrease the blood volume that must be
c. diuretic drugs decrease urine flow and the kidney does not have to work as hard.
d. diuretic drugs increase urine flow and the loss of nitrogenous wastes helps the heart.
e. diuretic drugs increase urine flow and salt loss and salt was bad for the heart.
18) flagellated sperm and a sporophyte that is dependent on the gametophyte are
characteristics of
a. gymnosperm.
b. angiosperm.
c. liverworts.
d. moss.
e. liverworts and mosses.
19) what term is used for molecules that have identical molecular formulas but the
atoms in each molecule are arranged differently?
a. isotope
b. isomer
c. homomolecules
d. organic
e. balanced
20) when an individual of african descent marries and has children with an individual of
european descent their children often have a mid shade of skin color. this can best be
described as ___________.
a. x-linked inheritance
b. polygenic inheritance
c. pleiotropic inheritance
d. the dominance of the gene for dark skin tone
21) in dissection, most nerve fibers appear gray to white because
a. the neuron is gray to white colored.
b. sodium ions are part of the salt compound and they flow along the surface.
c. nerve fibers rapidly die and dead tissues soon become gray or white.
d. nerve fibers are covered in a myelin sheath made of lipid or fat molecules.
e. nerve fibers consume large amounts of energy in the form of sugar.
22) which of the following functions performed by the skin would be lost or seriously
compromised if someone suffered a severe burn over most of the body?
a. prevention of heat and water loss
b. prevention of massive and continuous infection from invasion by external bacteria,
viruses, and parasites
c. production of sweat that evaporates and cools the body when it is overheating
d. conversion, in the presence of ultraviolet light, of precursor molecules to vitamin d
e. all of these are vital functions of the skin and would be compromised.
23) germ-line mutations
a. occur in sex cells.
b. can be passed to subsequent generations.
c. may range from having no effect to completely inactivating protein activity.
d. all of the above are true about germ line mutations.
e. only two of the above are true.
24) the amino acid sequences in cytochrome c were determined for chickens, ducks,
and humans. scientists found a difference of 3 amino acids between chickens and ducks,
but between chickens and humans there were 13 differences. one may conclude that
a. chickens are as closely related to humans as they are to ducks.
b. chickens are more closely related to ducks than they are to humans.
c. chickens are more closely related to humans than they are to ducks.
d. none of the above.
25) which statement about leaves is not correct?
a. the epidermis is covered by a waxy layer of cuticle that reduces water loss.
b. gas exchange occurs through tiny openings in the leaf surface called stomates.
c. regulation of gas exchange through the leaf is the responsibility of the guard cells.
d. vascular tissue is arranged in a net pattern in dicots and a parallel pattern in
e. in eudicots, the photosynthetic mesophyll is made up of an upper spongy layer and a
lower palisade layer.
26) which foods contain the eight essential amino acids?
a. chicken, beef and cheese
b. potatoes, beans and fish
c. fish, cheese and fruits
d. butter, beef and chicken
e. pork, fish and corn

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