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Mader-- Biology-- AP Edition 11th Edition
Sylvia Mader
1) both the neural and endocrine systems play a role in coordinating body activities.
2) most chromalveolateshave the alternation of generations life cycle, but some species
of fungus have a diplontic life cycle.
3) chemiosmotic atp synthesis occurs in the cytosol of the cell.
4) small, variable regions of dna that may change an individual's susceptibility to
disease are called proteomes.
5) interferon is a protein that binds to the receptors of non-infected cells causing them
to produce substances that interfere with viral replication.
6) atp is a protein that supplies energy to the cell.
7) the breakdown of glucose in cellular respiration is a catabolic reaction.
8) automated polymerase chain reactions were made possible when the temperature
insensitive dna polymerase was isolated from the thermophile thermus aquaticus.
9) the regulator gene codes for the dna-binding proteins that act as repressors.
10) nitrogenous wastes are primarily produced by
a. production of nucleic acids.
b. breakdown of amino acids.
c. breakdown of fats.
d. breakdown of carbohydrates.
e. production of proteins.
11) gene pharming is the use of
a. transgenic plants to produce larger vegetables and sweeter fruits.
b. bacteria to produce organic compounds like aspartame and phenylalanine.
c. str profiling to determine evolutionary relationships among organisms.
d. transgenic farm animals to produce pharmaceuticals.
12) which of the following is true with respect to plant cell walls?
a. they contain n-acetylglutamic acid.
b. they all have secondary cell walls to some extent.
c. there is a greater amount of cellulose in secondary cell walls than in primary cell
d. lignin is found in primary cell walls of plants.
13) classify the following substances as either hydrophobic or hydrophilic:
1> polar substances a. hydrophilic
2> nonpolar substances b. hydrophobic
3> ionic substances c. hydrophilic
14) the fact that a nucleic acid is a very complicated molecule suggests that
a. the rna-first hypothesis is impossible.
b. rna could not have arisen on its own by chance, but required enzymes to guide the
synthesis of nucleotides and then nucleic acids.
c. sophisticated enzymes were not present or available to synthesize it.
d. no natural system could ever generate it.
e. the protein-first hypothesis is therefore the only plausible hypothesis.
15) hair is a character shared by all mammals, but not found in their ancestral lineage.
hair is therefore considered to be a(n)
a. clade.
b. shared ancestral character (trait).
c. shared derived character (trait).
d. analogous structure.
16) to what does the term chiasma refer?
a. the process of fertilization
b. the life cycle of a fungus
c. the process of crossing-over
d. a structure that holds together homologues during crossing-over
e. the period between meiosis i and meiosis ii
17) the organ that exchanges molecules between fetal and maternal blood is the
a. vagina.
b. oviduct.
c. uterus.
d. placenta.
e. mammary gland.
18) if a person is trying to use operant conditioning on their child they would need to
a. repeatedly encourage the child to perform a behavior and then reward the good
behavior so the child associates the behavior with the reward.
b. repeatedly encouragethe child to perform a behavior and then wait several days
before rewarding the good behavior so the child associates the behavior with the
c. wait until the child accidentally performs a behavior that is desirable and then reward
the good behavior so the child associates the behavior with the reward.
d never encourage a specific behavior from a child but randomly give them rewards.
19) women with x-linked disorders always pass the genes for the disorder to ______,
while men with x-linked disorders always pass the genes for the disorder to _______.
a. only their daughters; only their daughters
b. both their daughters and sons; only their sons
c. both their daughters and sons; only their daughters
d. both their daughters and sons; their daughters and sons
20) identify four of the features that terrestrial vertebrates had to evolve in order to
adapt to aterrestrial environment?
23) which of these diagrams represents an age structure diagram of more-developed
a. diagram a
b. diagram b
24) dna fingerprinting may be used to establish paternity. analyze the banding pattern to
determine the father of the child.
a male 1
b male 2
25) choose the figure that depicts polymer synthesis.
a figure 1
b figure 2
26) in lactation, the more a baby suckles his mother's breast to obtain milk, the more
milk is produced. this is a
a. positive feedback loop.
b. a negative feedback loop.
27) compare the characteristics of mammals and birds, noting the similarities and
differences between the groups. why don't we consider mammals and birds closely
related with a common ancestor, since they are both "warm-blooded"?
29) identify the graph that depicts the reaction c d.

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