Book Title
Astronomy: A Beginner's Guide to the Universe 7th Edition

ASTR 85550

July 17, 2017
Of what is the galactic halo composed?
What role did Frank Drake play in SETI?
What special type of information is yielded only by eclipsing binary stars?
Note at least three surface features that are driven by plate tectonics.
Kepler's theories were based on the very accurate observations made by ________.
Why is the Hubble Space Telescope equipped with more infrared and ultraviolet
detectors than are optical telescopes on the ground?
The gamma rays created in the Sun's core move freely through the ________ zone.
How could we determine the amount of interstellar dust between us and a distant star?
How did discovering the KBOs demote Pluto's planetary status?
What type of exoplanet observation allows unambiguous determination of the
exoplanet's mass and radius? Can this be done with most exoplanets?
The apparent magnitude of the Sun is -26, while Sirius has an apparent magnitude of -1;
how much brighter does the Sun appear than Sirius?
In general, as you examine stars on the main sequence, going from bottom right to top
left, their stellar radii ________.
The largest supergiants, like Deneb and Rigel, are luminosity class ________.
The primary factor for galactic evolution is ________.
Why is visible light a bad choice for studying the core of the Galaxy? What is better?
How can you determine the distance to a spacecraft from the time it takes its radio
signal to reach Earth?
In the Local Group, how might even the Milky Way become a victim?
The white zones of Jupiter and Saturn are made of ________ ice, apparently dissolved
in the deep oceans of Uranus and Neptune.