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Development Through The Lifespan 6th Edition
Laura E. Berk
Which of the following statements about divorce in the United States is true?
A) Husbands usually report more serious marital problems than wives.
B) Men are twice as likely as women to initiate divorce proceedings.
C) Infidelity and substance abuse are among the strongest predictors of divorce.
D) Economically advantaged couples are especially likely to divorce.
Three-year-old Cara knows that her mother will pick her up from preschool after snack
and seeks her comfort whenever she is in an unfamiliar or stressful situation. These
examples show that Cara has developed
A) an internal working model.
B) effortful control.
C) resistant attachment.
D) a categorical self.
Studies of infantile amnesia suggest that __________ contributes to the end of infantile
A) an implicit memory system
B) acquiring mnemonic strategies
C) the development of object permanence
D) the advent of a clear self-image
__________ is/are associated with a positive outlook in older adults with disabilities.
A) Perceived social support
B) The sheer amount of help family and friends provide
C) The amount of formal support received
D) The perceptions others have about their abilities
Child care in the United States is
A) typically subsidized by the federal government.
B) evaluated by state agencies using standards for developmentally appropriate
C) primarily high in quality and strictly regulated by the federal government.
D) affected by a macrosystem of individualistic values and weak government regulation
and funding.
Which of the following children is the most likely to have an adultlike grasp of death?
A) Max, age 6, who lives in Israel
B) Minh, age 5, whose religion emphasizes reincarnation
C) Ayanna, age 6, whose religion emphasizes an afterlife
D) Finn, age 5, who lives in England
A unique feature of DNA is that it can duplicate itself through a process called
A) canalization.
B) mitosis.
C) genomic imprinting.
D) meiosis.
Which of the following parents are the most likely to give positive reports of their own
psychological well-being?
A) the Jones, who have two children, one successful and one problematic
B) the Meyers, who have four children, three successful and one problematic
C) the Heruzzis, who have a successful only child
D) the Rashads, who have three children, one successful and two problematic
Which of the following is an example of prospective memory?
A) remembering your second-grade teacher's name
B) remembering the capitals of all 50 states
C) remembering to go to a dentist appointment next week
D) remembering the name of a movie you saw recently
Free radicals are thought to be involved in
A) sickle-cell disease.
B) birth defects.
C) Down syndrome.
D) more than 60 disorders of aging.
According to Erikson, teenagers in complex societies experience
A) few identity conflicts.
B) role confusion when they form mature identities.
C) a rapid decline in self-esteem.
D) an identity crisis.
Which of the following statements is supported by research on intelligence test bias?
A) Attempts to change intelligence tests by eliminating verbal, fact-oriented items have
substantially raised the scores of low-income minority children.
B) Low-income minority children, who often grow up in more "people-oriented" than
"object-oriented" homes, may lack toys and games that promote certain intellectual
C) Most modern intelligence tests have eliminated items that may be biased against
some groups of children, particularly low-income ethnic minorities.
D) When children of the same age enrolled in different grades are compared, those who
have been in school longer score slightly lower on intelligence tests.
In interviews with more than 1,500 U.S. parents of infants and toddlers, results
indicated that
A) few routinely served older infants and toddlers french fries, candy, and soda.
B) as many as one-fourth ate no fruits and one-third no vegetables.
C) infants consumed 20 percent fewer calories than they needed.
D) toddlers consumed 30 percent fewer calories than they needed.
Throughout adulthood, the personality traits people assign to their current selves show
A) much contradiction.
B) considerable stability.
C) great variety.
D) an ideal self.
Anthony, a well-coordinated and muscular boy, decides to play high school football.
This is an example of a(n) __________ gene"environment correlation.
A) active
B) passive
C) dynamic
D) evocative
Which of the following statements about part-time work during high school is true?
A) About 10 percent of U.S. high school students work part-time during the school year.
B) The more hours students work, the more likely they are to drop out of school.
C) Heavy commitment to part-time work is not harmful as long as the job involves
low-level repetitive tasks.
D) Students who work 20 or more hours a week tend to be highly committed to their
In response to a stroke on her cheek near the corner of her mouth, newborn Azalea
A) quickly close her eyelids.
B) suck rhythmically.
C) turn her head toward the source of stimulation.
D) fan her toes out and curl them as her foot twists in.
According to social learning theorists,
A) morality does not have a unique course of development.
B) prosocial acts often occur spontaneously in early childhood.
C) children behave morally because they are capable of effortful control.
D) guilt is the only force that compels us to act morally.
Researchers use a complicated statistical technique called factor analysis to
A) evaluate a child's behavior during an intelligence test.
B) identify children who may be at-risk for serious learning problems.
C) identify which sets of intelligence test items cluster together.
D) determine which sets of intelligence test items are culturally biased.
Trena is an overweight adult. Compared with her normal-weight agemates, Trena is
A) less likely to receive financial aid for college.
B) less likely to report mistreatment by family members.
C) more likely to find a mate.
D) more likely to be rented an apartment.
In Thomas and Chess's New York Longitudinal Study, _____ percent of the children did
not fit any category and showed unique blends of temperamental characteristics.
A) 15
B) 20
C) 35
D) 50
In adolescence, encouragement from teachers
A) is unrelated to self-esteem.
B) is less important than in childhood.
C) predicts high self-esteem.
D) is more important for self-esteem than peer approval.
A) leaves older people highly vulnerable in the face of infection, extreme temperatures,
or injury.
B) is mostly caused by primary rather than secondary aging.
C) is a serious condition, but does not interfere with everyday competence.
D) is entirely caused by aging.
Research on language acquisition indicates that
A) childhood is a sensitive period for language acquisition.
B) sign language can be learned equally well at any age.
C) language learning is optimal after brain lateralization has occurred.
D) the right hemisphere of the brain is biased for language processing.
Which of the following statements about generativity and stagnation is true?
A) Childless men score higher in generativity than fathers.
B) Among well-educated women, those with children express greater generative
C) Generativity is rare among low-SES men with troubled pasts as sons, students, and
intimate partners.
D) Stagnation is associated with more involvement in political activities, including
voting and campaigning.
Sexual partners, whether dating, cohabiting, or married, tend to be
A) similar in education, but not religion.
B) similar in age, but not in education.
C) similar in age and education.
D) similar in education, but not in ethnicity.
Lillian uses flowcharts to map the precise steps individuals use to solve problems and
complete tasks. Lillian is a(n) __________ theorist.
A) psychoanalytic
B) information-processing
C) dynamic systems
D) social learning
Which of the following statements is consistent with the cephalocaudal trend of body
A) During the prenatal period, the head, chest, and trunk grow first, then the arms and
B) During infancy and childhood, the hands and feet grow ahead of the arms and legs.
C) During the prenatal period, the head develops more rapidly than the lower part of the
D) By age 2, the head accounts for nearly one-half of the body length.
In Paul's preschool classroom, children are encouraged to choose activities from a rich
variety of materials designed to promote exploration. This preschool emphasizes the
Piagetian principle of
A) acceptance of individual differences.
B) sensitivity to children's readiness to learn.
C) discovery learning.
D) scaffolding.
Which of the following statements is supported by research on self-awareness?
A) Newborns smile more at their own mirror image than at an image of another baby.
B) Newborns display a stronger rooting reflex in response to external stimulation than
to self-stimulation.
C) Newborns look longer at their own visual image than images of others.
D) Newborns are consciously aware of the self's physical features.
Compared to his Western agemates, Chao, who lives in China, will most likely describe
himself by referencing his
A) individual interests.
B) personal attributes.
C) academic and sports-related skills.
D) group memberships and relationships.
In late life, more women than men report being __________ impaired, and more men
than women __________ impaired.
A) visually; hearing
B) hearing; visually
C) sensory; physically
D) physically; sensory
Among U.S. teens, __________ percent have had one or more major depressive
A) 2 to 8
B) 9 to 14
C) 15 to 20
D) 20 to 50
The most common sex chromosome disorders involve
A) aggressive and antisocial behavior, particularly in adolescent males.
B) the presence of an extra chromosome (either X or Y) or the absence of one X in
C) spontaneous miscarriage in the first or second trimester of pregnancy.
D) mental retardation and severe physical deformities.
Discuss the development of attention in middle childhood.
Compare and contrast the authoritative and authoritarian child-rearing styles.
Explain the difference between bereavement, grief, and mourning.
Describe the sex differences in body growth. How does this help explain girls' lower
infant and childhood mortality rates?
According to Levinson, the middle-aged person must seek new ways of being both
young and old. Explain what this means and how U.S. midlifers go about confronting
this developmental task.
Helen, age 49, is returning to college. She fears that she will not be able to handle the
class work and might have trouble juggling her school work and family obligations. Her
family, friends, and coworkers want to help. What can they do?
Describe the development of self-control, emphasizing the concepts of compliance and
delay of gratification.
What factors foster resilience in middle childhood?
List and describe the six personality types, identified by John Holland, that affect
vocational choice.
Describe the concept of gene"environment correlation, including passive, evocative,
and active types. Define niche-picking.
List some strategies, verified by research, that American schools can implement to
upgrade the quality of education.
Discuss how religious involvement impacts moral development.
Describe how researchers today view adolescent development. Name and describe its
three stages.
Describe the gender differences in same-sex adult friendships.
Define coregulation and explain how it is used by parents of school-age children.
List and describe ways that adults in midlife can manage the stress associated with
family, work, and the changes this period can bring.
Describe the sleep patterns of teenagers today. Discuss sleep deprivation and sleep
How do contemporary researchers view the family? Describe direct and indirect
influences on the family, and provide examples of each.

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