Book Title
Essentials of American Government: Roots and Reform 2012 Election Edition 11th Edition

ANT 76358

July 16, 2017
How did Reagan's New Federalism benefit the states?
Why has the government attempted to regulate lobbyist activity? Discuss some recent
reform efforts and identify some of the gaps that remain in disclosure of lobbying
The Supreme Court has interpreted the Second Amendment to protect an individual's
right to own __________.
__________ often holds oversight hearings to investigate the policies and performance
of agencies and departments in the federal bureaucracy.
Discuss the limitations on presidential control of the federal bureaucracy.
If North Dakota sues South Dakota, the case will be heard by the __________.
Religious, philosophical, and __________ beliefs can become cohesive ideologies that
create natural groups within society and lead to political conflict.
Analyze the major factors that influence how members of Congress make decisions.
Why do Congress members vote in conformity with their constituents' prevailing
opinions about two-thirds of the time? Compare and contrast models of representation
in your response.
The __________ Amendment guarantees African Americans the right to vote.
What has been the U.S. government's recent trend regarding budget deficits and the
national debt, and what factors are driving this trend?
What is the National Security Council? When is the president most likely to convene a
meeting of the National Security Council?
What are independent regulatory commissions, and why are they removed from
presidential and congressional control?
Describe the views of the Anti-Federalists.

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