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Development Through The Lifespan 6th Edition
Laura E. Berk
Which of the following statements about sexuality in late adulthood is true?
A) A majority of older adults attribute little to no importance to sex.
B) Most healthy older adult couples report continued, regular sexual enjoyment.
C) Men are more likely than women to lose interest in sex.
D) Health problems prevent sexual activity in nearly 80 percent of adults over age 65.
Chrissy regards most experiences as controllable. She displays a committed approach to
daily activities and views change as a normal part of life and a chance for personal
growth. Chrissy fits the pattern of a __________ individual.
A) Type A
B) Type B
C) pessimistic
D) hardy
One reason that the American people have been reluctant to accept the idea of publicly
supported child care is that
A) few mothers of very young children work outside the home.
B) it is widely believed that child care is harmful to young children.
C) most grandparents provide regular child care.
D) American values emphasize independence and self-reliance.
In view of recent trends, it is likely that most Americans will spend a substantial part of
their adult lives
A) childless.
B) single.
C) in a second marriage.
D) as a stepparent.
The death of a sibling not only deprives children of a close emotional tie, but also
informs them
A) that life is random.
B) of their own vulnerability.
C) that their sense of security is threatened.
D) of spiritual connections.
Young people's vocational aspirations correlate strongly with their
A) parents' jobs.
B) childhood dreams.
C) ethnic identity.
D) friends' aspirations.
Epidural analgesia
A) numbs the entire lower half of the body.
B) prevents the mother from feeling the pressure of labor contractions.
C) is the most common approach to controlling pain during labor.
D) strengthens uterine contractions.
__________ refers to quickness and intensity of emotional arousal, attention, and motor
A) Temperament
B) Reactivity
C) Effortful control
D) Self-regulation
Nine-year-old Brett views his mind as an active, constructive agent that selects and
transforms information. Brett's awareness of thought is known as
A) selectivity of attention.
B) elaboration.
C) metacognition.
D) cognitive self-regulation.
Which of the following statements to an adult child is the most likely to promote
positive ties?
A) "Drive carefully on the freeway."
B) "Let us know if we can help."
C) "Be sure to wear your sweaterit is cold out there."
D) "Be sure to drink plenty of water."
When children ask questions, parents
A) rarely respond informatively, unless the children are extremely persistent.
B) adjust the complexity of their answers to fit their children's maturity.
C) should respond with "prior cause" explanations.
D) should respond with "mechanism" explanations.
Nora's grandfather lived to be 87, and her father is still alive at the age of 98. Nora
concludes that longevity is inherited and anticipates a very long life. Nora should know
A) there is no reliable data on the heritability of longevity, and random factors probably
contributed to the long lives of her relatives.
B) the current generation is experiencing a shorter lifespan than the previous generation
due to environmental toxins and limited physical activity.
C) rather than inheriting longevity directly, people probably inherit risk factors that
influence their chances of dying earlier or later.
D) the heritability of longevity is approximately 0.95, indicating that longevity is
directly related to genetic factors.
Gilles has had frequent and high exposure to radiation in his occupation for the past ten
years. Gilles's offspring are at greater risk for __________ than children whose fathers
were not exposed to radiation.
A) cystic fibrosis
B) childhood cancer
D) hemophilia
In general, when a middle-aged worker experiences an extreme shift in his or her
career, the reason is typically
A) a desire for early retirement.
B) a personality conflict with an employer.
C) due to spousal pressure.
D) a personal crisis.
Laurie just started a new job in her chosen field. She wants to select a helpful mentor.
Which of the following people would probably be her best choice?
A) a top executive in the company
B) another young graduate just starting his career
C) a male supervisor
D) a member of her professional association
Which of the following is an accurate statement about singlehood?
A) Caucasian Americans are nearly twice as likely to remain single in early adulthood
as African Americans.
B) Many single people go through a stressful period in their late twenties or early
thirties when most of their friends have married.
C) The most commonly mentioned advantages of singlehood are greater social support
and mental health.
D) Overall, people who have always been single report significant dissatisfaction with
their lives.
Women's __________ may lead them to feel less need to remarry following the death of
a spouse.
A) kinkeeper role
B) financial dependence
C) elevated risk of mortality
D) gender-role expectations
The effects of teratogens
A) are predictable and straightforward.
B) are usually the most serious during the fetal period.
C) vary with the age of the organism at the time of exposure.
D) are always detectible at birth.
When __________ and __________ are adequate, height is largely determined by
A) the brain; lungs
B) sunlight; air quality
C) diet; health
D) sleep; stimulation
Researchers believe that sophisticated __________ is vital for scientific reasoning.
A) processing capacity
B) mathematical knowledge
C) strategy development
D) metacognitive understanding
Some aspects of __________, such as childbearing and child rearing, are under way in
the twenties and thirties.
A) generativity
B) ego integrity
C) initiative
D) identity diffusion
Scientists have begun to explore calorie restriction mimetics
A) because very few people would be willing to maintain a substantially reduced diet
for most of their lifespan.
B) because they believe that they can slow aging and extend the lifespan of both
nonhuman and human primates.
C) such as artificial food substances, long-lasting packaged foods, and virtual exercise
D) because recent generations of Okinawans show health and longevity advantages
using such mimetics.
Modern definitions of successful aging have shifted the focus toward
A) specific achievements and physical characteristics.
B) the processes older adults use to reach personally valued goals.
C) easily measurable outcomes, such as the absence of disabilities.
D) cognitive performance and creative achievements.
During prolonged dying, the bereaved person has had time to engage in
A) accommodation.
B) mourning.
C) confrontation.
D) anticipatory grieving.
As self-awareness strengthens, preschoolers begin to develop a
A) self-concept.
B) restrained superego.
C) subjective id.
D) moral self.
When asked "Tell me about yourself," which of the following is 3-year-old Riley the
most likely to say?
A) "I have new, blue shoes."
B) "I am cheerful."
C) "I am shy."
D) "I am friendly."
Mary Jane loves to tell stories about her childhood. When she remembers these events,
she is exhibiting __________ memory.
A) implicit
B) remote
C) recall
D) prospective
At all ages, __________ develops ahead of __________.
A) overextension; underextension
B) production; comprehension
C) comprehension; production
D) telegraphic speech; babbling
__________ especially decline in height because of a loss of __________.
A) Men; lean body mass
B) Women; bone mineral content
C) Men; muscle and fat
D) Women; muscle and fat
During __________, the individual passes into permanent death and, within a few
hours, appears shrunken.
A) the agonal phase of death
B) clinical death
C) brain death
D) mortality
When Erin and Brooke willingly comply, their parents are likely to be warm and gentle
in the future. This is an example of a(n) __________ influence between parents and
their children.
A) direct
B) coparenting
C) maladaptive
D) indirect

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