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Development Through The Lifespan 6th Edition
Laura E. Berk
Piaget's conservation-of-liquid task demonstrates that preoperational children's thinking
is characterized by __________ in that they focus on one aspect of a situation,
neglecting other important features.
A) dynamic transformation
B) centration
C) hierarchical classification
D) irreversibility
An extended falloff in cognitive performance or in emotional investment in life is
A) unusual in healthy older adults.
B) a sign of loss of vitality and impending death.
C) expected in adults soon after age 100.
D) due to disuse of skills rather than biological aging.
The splurge of births from 1946 to 1964 yielded a unique generation that today
comprises nearly _____ percent of the U.S. population.
A) 10
B) 20
C) 30
D) 40
Most elderly siblings
A) visit each other less than once a year.
B) live more than 100 miles from each other.
C) communicate with each other regularly.
D) provide one another with direct assistance.
In one study, more active fetuses during the third trimester became 2-year-olds who
A) were easily overwhelmed by sensory stimulation.
B) had trouble establishing a regular sleep"wake pattern.
C) had irregular eating schedules.
D) were less fearful.
The leading causes of death in middle age are __________ and __________.
A) motor vehicle collisions; cancer
B) falls; motor vehicle collisions
C) cancer; cardiovascular disease
D) falls; cardiovascular disease
Some evidence suggests that __________ contributes to negative judgments of a
woman's physical appearance, especially by men.
A) being a grandmother
B) the end of a woman's ability to bear children
C) being employed
D) being a homemaker
When skeletal ages are examined at birth,
A) the sexes differ by about 4 to 6 weeks.
B) boys are considerably ahead of girls.
C) Caucasian-American children tend to be ahead of African-American children.
D) there are no discernable differences between boys and girls.
Which of the following statements is supported by research on nutrition?
A) Preschoolers require significantly more carbohydrates and fat than adults.
B) Serving "adult" foods like broccoli or tofu promotes picky eating in preschoolers.
C) Preschoolers compensate for a meal in which they eat little by eating more at a later
D) In North America, few children lack access to sufficient high-quality foods.
Which of the following statements about brain plasticity is true?
A) A highly plastic cerebral cortex has a low capacity for learning.
B) Damage to a highly plastic cerebral cortex means that the abilities it controls cannot
be recovered.
C) Many areas of a highly plastic cerebral cortex are not yet committed to specific
D) The brain is the most plastic during adolescence.
Because older adults find ways to compensate for cognitive slowing on familiar tasks,
their reaction time
A) is considerably better on verbal items.
B) is somewhat better on nonverbal items.
C) cannot be improved through training.
D) is slower on familiar tasks.
Which of the following women is the most likely to thrive in a nontraditional career?
A) Raelynne, whose three aunts have successfully dealt with family"career role conflict
B) Renae, who has infrequent interaction with other female professionals in her field
C) Rhiannon, whose husband wants her to stay at home to tend to their young children
D) Rita, who works exclusively with male managers
__________ is moderately related to attachment security in diverse cultures and SES
A) Goodness of fit
B) Social referencing
C) Interactional synchrony
D) Sensitive caregiving
The reticular formation
A) maintains alertness and consciousness.
B) aids in balance and control of body movement.
C) plays a vital role in memory and in images of space that help us find our way.
D) is a large bundle of fibers connecting the two cerebral hemispheres.
Carlie engages in strict dieting and excessive exercise accompanied by binge eating,
often followed by deliberate vomiting and purging with laxatives. Carlie suffers from
A) bulimia nervosa.
B) food insecurity.
C) marasmus.
D) anorexia nervosa.
Infants in Substage 4 of the sensorimotor period, who can better anticipate events,
sometimes use __________ to try to change those events.
A) hit-or-miss actions
B) their capacity for intentional behavior
C) make-believe play
D) tertiary circular reactions
Which of the following statements about sibling relationships in late adulthood is true?
A) The closer the tie to a sister, the higher older people's psychological well-being.
B) Aging siblings in industrialized nations are more likely to provide direct assistance
than to socialize with one another.
C) After age 70, aid from siblings living near one another declines.
D) Married older adults are more likely than never-married and widowed seniors to
have contact with siblings.
__________, infants can focus on objects about as well as adults can.
A) At birth
B) Around 1 month
C) Around 2 months
D) Around 4 months
In the last weeks of pregnancy,
A) the fetus usually loses a pound or two.
B) most fetuses assume an upside-down position.
C) fetal growth increases dramatically.
D) the fetus begins relying on its own well-developed immune system.
Many perpetrators treated for partner abuse
A) repeat their violent behavior with the same or a new partner.
B) take responsibility for their actions.
C) attribute greater blame to themselves than to their partners.
D) are women who exhibit violent behavior towards male victims.
Raymond, age 52, has porous bones and a very low bone density level. Raymond is at
risk for
A) atherosclerosis.
B) osteoporosis.
C) scoliosis.
D) arterial thrombosis.
Which of the following is linked to a variety of positive outcomes, such as prevention
of delinquency, reduction in sexual activity, improved school performance, and positive
psychological well-being?
A) permissive parenting, noninterference with daily activities, and allowing the
adolescent to withhold information from parents
B) consistent parental monitoring of daily activities, through a cooperative relationship
in which the adolescent willingly discloses information
C) parental insistence on family closeness and obedience to authority, while insisting
that the adolescent disclose all information
D) acculturative stress, in which immigrant parents from cultures that highly value
family closeness react strongly to adolescent disagreement
Raylynne is well-liked by all of her classmates. She probably has high
A) academic competence.
B) social self-esteem.
C) athletic competence.
D) self-awareness.
The Apgar Scale rates
A) appearance, personality, grimace, activity, and reflexes.
B) aptitude, pulse, grimace, appearance, and renal function.
C) appearance, pulse, grimace, activity, and respiration.
D) airway, personality, general temperament, appearance, and reaction time.
Heather offers support to her father Bill, age 78. If Bill is like most Western older
adults, Heather will most likely provide
A) assistance with daily living tasks.
B) emotional support.
C) financial assistance.
D) help with transportation.
Natural childbirth experts Grantly Dick-Read and Fernand Lamaze recognized that
cultural attitudes about childbirth had
A) taught women to fear the birth experience.
B) helped women develop breathing techniques to lessen the pain of labor.
C) taught women that medical intervention was unnecessary in childbirth.
D) helped women focus on childrearing rather than childbirth.
Which of the following statements about middle-aged children and aging parents who
coreside is true?
A) Adults who coreside with ill parents experience less stress than those whose parents
reside in nursing homes.
B) The greatest source of stress is problem behavior, especially for caregivers of parents
who have deteriorated mentally.
C) Most adult children find that caring for a chronically ill or disabled parent is less
stressful than caring for a young child.
D) The greatest sources of conflict generally arise over daily routines and differences in
Which of the following couples will face extra challenges in achieving a successful
transition to married life?
A) Ken, an African-American Baptist, and Eileen, an Asian-American Mormon, who
married at age 21
B) Rolf and Louisa, both German Protestants, who married at age 25
C) Hector and Irma, both Mexican-American Catholics, who married at age 30
D) Jeff and Val, both college graduates, who married at age 28
Male puberty usually begins with
A) extreme and unpredictable moodiness.
B) the enlargement of the testes.
C) the appearance of pubic hair.
D) spermarche.
Which of the following statements is supported by research on viewing television
A) Violent programming creates short-term increases in aggression, but does not have
long-term negative consequences.
B) Aggressive children have a greater appetite for violent TV programming than
nonaggressive children.
C) Older children are more likely than preschool and young school-age children to
imitate TV violence.
D) Violent television only has a negative effect on children who are already highly
African Americans usually __________ than Caucasian Americans with equivalent job
A) acquire more work experience
B) spend less time looking for work
C) experience less stable employment
D) receive more callbacks in response to rsums

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