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Handbook of Informatics for Nurses & Healthcare Professionals 5th Edition

978-0132574952 Chapter 18 Part 2

August 31, 2019
Rationale 2: Alliance for Health Reform is a bipartisan, nonprofit that conducts health policy briefings on Capitol
Hill for congressional staff and media, publishes resource books on health policy topics, aids journalists to
develop articles and broadcasts on health issues, and maintains a list of hundreds of health care experts.
Rationale 3: American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations is a political voice for
workers and represents employees in policy reforms, including health care and employee benefits.
Rationale 4: American Hospital Association is a national organization representing hospitals, health care
networks, patients, and communities in national health policy development, legislative and regulatory debates,
and judicial matters.
Rationale 5: Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation is a nonprofit, private operating foundation that focuses on major
health care issues. It is an independent voice and source of facts and analysis for policymakers, media, health care
professionals, and the public.
Global Rationale:
Cognitive Level: Analyzing
Client Need: Safe Effective Care Environment
Client Need Sub: Management of Care
Nursing/Integrated Concepts: Communication and Documentation
Learning Outcome:
Question 11
Type: MCSA
With the increased use of HIT in health care settings, nurses are asked to participate in the development of
national, state, and local policy. How can nurses gain practical experience in policy shaping and development?
1. Internships
2. Continuing education programs
3. Online legal courses
4. Volunteer in a homeless shelter
Question 12
Type: MCSA
TIGER Leadership Collaborative Report has called for transformation of the health care delivery system through
the development of a national health information infrastructure that requires nurse leaders “understand, promote,
own, and measure the success of health IT.” To do so, which of the following strategies cannot be incorporated?
1. Education programs for nurse executives and faculty that stress the value of information technology and
empower them to use HIT appropriately
2. The expansion/integration of informatics competencies into nursing leadership development programs
3. Exchange best practice models with physician groups
4. Sharing of best practices using HIT effectively to improve the delivery of nursing care
Question 13
Type: MCMA
Nurse executives are asked to play important roles in the shaping of HIT policy. Which of the following apply to
ways in which they can be actively involved?
Standard Text: Select all that apply.
1. Overcome financial and cultural barriers related to HIT
2. Support and provide leadership development on HIT-related topics
3. Incrementally decrease the information technology budget line for support services
4. Contribute to research that substantiates the business case for nursing
5. Improve patient safety through the use of decision-support tools at the point of care
Question 14
Type: MCSA
Nurses can be leaders in the development and implementation of HITs by which of the following?
1. Guiding the process
2. Attending graduate school
3. Resisting change and innovation
4. Researching best practice models
Question 15
Type: MCSA
What are some of the HIT benefits that can be actualized in the health care setting?
1. Decreased point of care contact
2. Increased revenue
3. Personalized health care
4. Increased need to upgrade technology
Question 16
Type: MCMA
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The future of HIT in the health care system is reliant on a number of individuals dedicated to the creation and
success of the initiative. Which of the following are some of the key figures in the positive launch of a system?
Standard Text: Select all that apply.
1. Nurse informaticians
2. Information technologists
3. Physicians
4. Vice presidents
5. Staff nurses
Question 17
Type: MCSA
What do the TIGER initiative and nursing have in common?
1. One of the top goals of the TIGER Initiative is to have more nurses play an active role in the development of a
national health care information technology infrastructure.
Hebda, Handbook of Informatics, 5/e Test Bank
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2. One of the top goals of the TIGER Initiative is to have more nurses create standards of approval.
3. One of the top goals of the TIGER Initiative is to move toward medical informatics.
4. One of the top TIGER initiative goals is to add supportive personnel at the bedside.
Hebda, Handbook of Informatics, 5/e Test Bank
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