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Handbook of Informatics for Nurses & Healthcare Professionals 5th Edition

978-0132574952 Chapter 11 Part 1

August 31, 2019
Hebda, Handbook of Informatics, 5/e Test Bank
Chapter 11
Question 1
Type: MCSA
It has been determined from previous experience that eight hours is the minimum time necessary for staff nurses
to obtain initial training on the new system. Which of the following is the best way to schedule this training?
1. One eight-hour session is offered six weeks prior to go-live, where employees drop in when they are caught up
with work assignments.
2. Eight one-hour sessions are scheduled one month prior to go-live, starting immediately after the employee's
shift has ended.
3. Four two-hour sessions are scheduled three months prior to go-live during non-scheduled work time.
4. Two four-hour sessions are offered one month before go-live during non-scheduled work time.
Question 2
Type: MCSA
Which of the following provides the most effective end-user learning experience?
1. Real client data are utilized for realistic practice.
2. The equipment used for training is the same used in the clinical setting.
3. Two employees share each workstation for mutual encouragement.
4. The live system is used with simulated client data.
Question 3
Type: MCSA
A proficiency examination is planned to ensure that employees have the requisite knowledge to use a new
wireless system. Which statement indicates the best use of testing?
Hebda, Handbook of Informatics, 5/e Test Bank
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1. Testing is criterion-referenced to evaluate predetermined system competencies.
2. Computer testing is done using a multiple-choice question format.
3. Predetermined competencies are determined by comparing class averages.
4. Norm-referenced testing is used to ensure the most successful employees keep their position.
Question 4
Type: MCSA
How should health care student training most efficiently be handled by an institution?
1. Each nursing student receives the same amount of training as the staff nurse on the unit.
2. Practical or vocational nursing students are placed in the user class with LPNs or LVNs to access information
and document client care.
3. Students must be trained to provide appropriate clinical information to an assigned staff nurse, who will
document client care in the system.
Hebda, Handbook of Informatics, 5/e Test Bank
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4. Students assess and document client care and medication administration by giving their information to the
clinical instructor to input into the system.
Question 5
Type: MCMA
The training of students often takes the same amount of time and resources as employee training. Which of the
following are the most appropriate uses of the computer system for a nursing student assigned to a cardiac unit?
Standard Text: Select all that apply.
1. Order lab tests
2. Document medication administration
3. Document client care
4. Document health assessment findings
5. View test results
Question 6
Type: MCMA
Which of the following statements regarding computer-based training (CBT) are true?
Standard Text: Select all that apply.
1. The accompanying materials require little trainer attention beforehand.
2. Retention is enhanced because technology is used to teach technology.
3. CBT facilitates mastery learning.
4. Vendor-supplied materials require no specific customization.
5. CBT is less costly to develop and revise.
Question 7
Type: MCSA
Which form of training would best fit the needs of a night shift worker (11 p.m. to 7 a.m.)?
1. An online tutorial that can be accessed when it fits worker's time off
2. A Listserv set up for e-mail comments and questions
3. A three-hour video that can be run during the worker's shift
4. A full-day workshop that starts shortly after the end of the shift
Question 8
Type: MCSA
Which statement regarding the training approach is true?
1. Users may choose online multimedia or online tutorials to enhance retention.
2. Computer-based training should be used whenever data entry is required.
3. Blended learning is popular because it is appropriate for almost any content need.
4. Instructor-led training is still the best approach even though it is now less prevalent.
Question 9
Type: MCMA
The most essential knowledge for a staff nurse end-user are which of the following?
Standard Text: Select all that apply.
1. Basic equipment troubleshooting procedures
2. Backing up the computer system at the end of each shift
3. Error message content recognition
4. Protocol for dealing with system "freezes" and "crashes"
5. Data entry error log review
Question 10
Type: MCMA
Among the following computer-related policies, which of the following are appropriate?
Standard Text: Select all that apply.
1. A nursing student shared confidential lab results obtained from the system at the request of one of the student's
relatives. The policy is to dismiss the student from the clinical site.
2. Both students and employees sign documents that explain the consequence of termination for misuse of the
3. Access codes are assigned to authenticate each individual user's identity and may not be shared with anyone.
4. A radiology student makes a copy of a client's MRI report to prepare for the next days clinical. The copy is
accidentally left in the waiting room and found by a staff member. The policy is to dismiss the student from the
clinical site.
5. Once trained and entered into the system, employees may sign other users in under their access code for
documentation purposes when necessary.
Question 11
Type: MCMA
Hebda, Handbook of Informatics, 5/e Test Bank
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