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Handbook of Informatics for Nurses & Healthcare Professionals 5th Edition

978-0132574952 Chapter 07 Part 1

August 31, 2019
Hebda, Handbook of Informatics, 5/e Test Bank
Chapter 7
Question 1
Type: MCSA
Which is the best example of strategic planning in an acute care facility?
1. Team members of an organization take on a project to develop policies and procedures one year prior to the
Joint Commission accreditation visit.
2. Upon acquiring a new facility, team members are selected to identify goals and strategies to develop policies
fitting the newly revised mission statement.
3. A project team from a marketing firm is hired to develop an advertising campaign for the specialized health-
promotion services of the acute-care facility.
4. Team members from administration meet as a group to rewrite their one-year-old acute care institution's
mission statement.
Question 2
Type: MCSA
Which of the following is the best example of benchmarking?
1. The length of stay in a 712-bed acute-care facility with a 12-bed open-heart unit is three days, compared to a
four-day length of stay at a 256-bed acute-care facility with a six-bed general surgical unit.
2. The cost of a cardiac catheterization procedure at an acute-care institution specializing in cardiovascular
disorders is equal to that of a generalized acute-care institution.
3. A six-bed coronary care unit has 0.2% incidence of infection post cardiac catheterization as compared to a six-
bed intensive care unit with a 1.5% infection rate post open-heart surgery.
4. The cost of one day's stay in a private room in a 42-bed medical telemetry unit in a 256-bed acute-care
institution is equivalent to that of a 46-bed medical telemetry unit in a 248-bed acute-care institution.
Question 3
Type: MCSA
The management of a busy tertiary acute-care institution is weighing the decision to outsource information-
management services. Which of the following factors is critical to that decision?
Hebda, Handbook of Informatics, 5/e Test Bank
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1. Data security will be enhanced because the agency specializes in information technology.
2. The agency will provide customization of services to fulfill the acute-care institution's needs.
3. Management can control the implementation of system updates, maintenance, and system downtimes.
4. Access to resource personnel available for assistance will be improved when technical problems arise.
Question 4
Type: MCSA
Which of the following is an example of a goal for strategic planning?
1. Enhance the organization's website image within six months.
2. Clinical decision-making in the emergency department will be supported by additional funds for personnel
training during the fall.
3. The scope of home care services will be maintained with the same budget for the next fiscal year, during which
an audit will be conducted.
4. Expand services to include e-health capability for consumers.
Question 5
Type: MCSA
Which of the following is the most appropriate team leader for a strategic planning team for an acute-care
1. Resident emergency department physician who was recently hired
2. Nurse manager of a 16-bed coronary-care unit who has been employed at the institution for one year
3. Vice president of Nursing and Patient Care Services, appointed two years ago
4. Nurse supervisor of the medical-surgical units, encompassing 130 beds
Question 6
Type: MCSA
An outpatient center is planning to implement wireless technology to enhance their computer system. The project
planning committee plans to conduct a needs assessment. Which of the following sources would be most
1. Interviews with the director and unit managers of outpatient services and the chief executive officer
2. Guidelines provided by the Joint Commission
3. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) regulations
4. Interviews with administrators and representative employees from all of the outpatient services
Question 7
Type: MCSA
Which of the following would most benefit from a complete computer system upgrade?
1. An institution using a mainframe legacy system
2. A small clinic that has an electronic record system in place
3. Two institutions that use similar mainframe systems merge
4. Three institutions that use similar Windows-based operating systems merge
Question 8
Type: MCSA
Which phrase best fits an organization's mission statement?
1. To develop wellness service clinics in an urban area in the Midwest
2. To promote educational activities related to caring for the sick and injured
3. To build a unit for clients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
4. To expand home care services in the rural area in the Southeast
Hebda, Handbook of Informatics, 5/e Test Bank
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Question 9
Type: MCSA
A neurology unit and an orthopedic unit will be combined into one unit. In which group would decisions best be
1. Admitting physicians and surgeons meet with the board of Directors and upper-level management team
2. The head nurses of each unit meet with the vice president of nursing and house supervisor
3. Staff nurses and management from each unit meet with admitting physicians and upper-level management team
Hebda, Handbook of Informatics, 5/e Test Bank
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4. Former clients are invited to sit with the board of directors and the medical director
Question 10
Type: MCSA
Which of the following is the best definition of strategic planning?
1. Strategic planning is defined as a chaotic approach to organizational change.
2. Strategic planning is defined as a series of sequential steps leading to individualized goals.
3. Strategic planning is defined as a plan devoid of a mission and goals.
4. Strategic planning is defined as the process of determining what an organization wants to be in the future and
planning how it will get there.
Question 11
Type: MCMA
Which of the following individuals are important members of the strategic planning initiative?
Hebda, Handbook of Informatics, 5/e Test Bank
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