About Coursepaper.com

It's my first time here. Can you tell me about Coursepaper.com?

Coursepaper.com is an essay database to help students and professionals researching their papers. We believe in a free sharing network, hence, you can gain full access to essay database when you donate your essays. We also have monthly subscription to help maintain the expense of our server. 

Who owns the essays on Coursepaper.com?

We NEVER hold the copyright of any document on Coursepaper.com. When you submit essays to Coursepaper.com, you agree that you have ownership over the essays.

How long does it take to approve my essay?

Please expect 3 business days.

I have concerns about plagiarism

Coursepaper.com is  a researching library. We encourage students to have citation for any piece of information from Coursepaper.com that  you use  in your paper. DO NOT turn any essay from Coursepaper.com in as your own.  


Billing Questions

How much does it cost to join Coursepaper.com?

It is FREE to have a full access to essay database on Coursepaper.com. You can also upgrade to subscription member to access both homework-help material and essay library.

I still cannot view the essay after subscribing

Please wait 20min. Sometimes, the payment confirmation from Paypal get delayed.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You will see an option to cancel your subscription after logging on

What will happen after I cancel my subscription?

It will take up to 24 hours to process a cancellation request. Your subscription will be canceled. However, your membership stays active until the end of the billing cycle

I forget to cancel my subscription. Can I get refunded?

The subscription is non-refundable due to the nature of digital content. We will cancel your subscription for the next period.


Help with the site

How do I submit my essays?

Click here to get to submit your essays.

Where is my activation email?

After registering, you get the following message “Registration complete! Check your mailbox to activate the account”. If you don’t see the activation email in your INBOX, please check the SPAM folder.

I forget my password

Click on Sign In – Password Recovery, and type in your registered email.forgetpassword


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