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fundementals of management
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Jose Garcia
Ms. Moncus
02 February 2019
Decision Making Process
“A good decision should be judged by the process used not the results achieved”
(Management Debunked Myth). Using three scenarios I will use the decision-making process to
identify and solve the problems presented. The 8 steps used to solve a problem are a great tool to
get to a solution. I will follow these decision-making guidelines to try and solve each scenario
the correct way. Identifying alternatives, I will choose the correct one based on the process
learned in chapter 4.
As the owner of the Dallas Broncs for 6 years, a successful business man, and veteran. If
was faced with deciding after several players of my team turned their back suddenly and took a
knee during the playing of the national anthem while city members and other veterans where in
the box watching the game. Using the Decision-Making Process. First, I would identify the
problem which would be obvious that some people might get upset for the disrespect of our
national anthem and any patriot would feel offended after fighting in our wars. My decision
criteria would be to either make the call to have the players told to stand up and pursue
disciplinary action against them or accept the fact that the players have freedom of speech and
are entitled to their view of the country. I would allocate the weight to the fact that players do
have the right to freedom of speech and there is no written rule that says they are not allowed to
kneel. Up until 2018, “The National Football League froze a controversial rule banning players
from kneeling while the National Anthem plays before games. Earlier this year the NFL
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announced the new rule which effectively bans players from taking a knee while the anthem
plays. The NFL lost thousands of ticket holders and millions of dollars in ad revenue as TV
ratings plunged during the 2016-17 season” (SandraRose). My development of alternatives based
on the information is to try and talk to the players that took a knee and identify the problem and
why they felt they needed to display that behavior. Based on my Intuitive Decision Making I
would implement this alternative and allow the players to continue to play the game and talk to
them after in the locker room and identify the root cause of the behavior. Since it is not illegal to