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You Be The Judge: Blasco V. Money Services Center

August 30, 2020
You Be The Judge: Was this check a negotiable instrument? Was it for a definite
Holding: Yes, the note was negotiable, it was for a definite amount. According to the
court, to determine whether the check was a negotiable instrument, it must state a promise to pay a
definite amount of money. The numerical amount of the check was “$ 587.50”, but the amount stated in
words was “five eighty-seven and 50/100 dollars.” For the words to prevail over the numbers, the two have
to be contradictory. The words “five eighty-seven and 50/100 dollars” did not contradict the numbers
$587.50; the numbers clarified the ambiguity in the words.
Question: To be negotiable, what must a note look like?
Because negotiable instrument are more valuable than non-negotiable ones, it is important for the
buyers and sellers to be able to tell easily and accurately if the instrument is indeed negotiable To