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December 7, 2019
Valencia College
Osceola Campus
Course: Introduction to the Teaching Profession– EDF 2005
Credits: 3
Term: Fall 2017 (201810)
CRN: 11526
Campus: Osceola
Meeting: Online
Instructor: Kimberly Foster, Ed.D.
Osceola Campus, 2-255A
407-582-4112 (phone)
Hours: By appointment only
Textbook: Teachers, Schools, and Society, 4th edition, by David Miller Sadker and Karen R. Zittleman
Course Description:
This course offers students a general overview of teaching developed through study of
processes of teaching and learning, organization and structure of American education and current
issues and problems related to education.
This course also incorporates a required field experience that is generally required as a prerequisite
for state university teacher education programs in Florida. Check with prospective transfer program
on current requirements.
Course Objectives:
! Analyze the educational institution in the U.S. by understanding the different educational theories.
! Demonstrate an understanding of the core values of teaching and learning.
! Observe, analyze, and synthesize effective teaching practices through field observations in three
different levels elementary, middle and high school.
! Reflect on the rewards and challenges of being a teacher in a public school setting in the current times.
Course Topics/Concepts:
! To introduce student to the career of education.
! To inform students about the historical, sociological, and philosophical foundations of schools.
! To explore school governance, school law, diversity, and the controversy over curriculum control.
! To examine contemporary issues impacting education.
! To observe and experience the best teaching practices and to build connections between theory and
practice through field-observation hours.
Student Core Competencies:
Throughout the class, students are expected to practice and demonstrate proficiency in all of Valencia’s four
core competencies: Think, Value, Communicate, and Act.
Think: Students will demonstrate the ability to problem-solve, analyze, and synthesize information through
successful completion of exams, written assignments, and in-class debates and discussions.
Value: Students will demonstrate value through their actions during the required 15-hour directed field
experience. Students will recognize differences in learning styles, cultures, and values and will show respect
for those differences. Students will also demonstrate value for differences in how they interact with those in the
classroom setting.
Communicate: Students will demonstrate the ability to communicate through different media, on different
levels, during their in-class participation in discussions and presentations, as well as, on written exams and
Act: Students will apply their newfound knowledge during the required 15-hour field experience. Students will
also demonstrate knowledge and understanding during classroom discussions and review of classroom
Make-up Policy
No make up assignments or exams are given.
Withdrawal Policy
Per Valencia Policy 4-07 (Academic Progress, Course Attendance and Grades, and Withdrawals), a student who
withdraws from class before the established deadline for a particular term (November 10, 2017) will receive a
grade of “W.” A student is not permitted to withdraw after the withdrawal deadline. A faculty member MAY
withdraw a student up to the beginning of the final exam period for violation of the class attendance policy. A
student who is withdrawn by faculty for violation of the class attendance policy will receive a grade of “W.”
Any student who withdraws or is withdrawn from a class during a third or subsequent attempt in the same
course will be assigned a grade of “F.” For a complete policy and procedure overview on Valencia Policy 4-07
please go to: http://valenciacc.edu/generalcounsel/policydetail.cfm?RecordID=75.
No Show Status
Class attendance is required beginning the first week of the term. If you do not complete and earn a perfect
score (3/3) on the syllabus quiz by the due date and time (11:59pm on August 31), you may be withdrawn from
the class as a "no show". In this event, you will be billed for the class and a "W" will appear on your transcript
for the course.
Academic Honesty Policy Number: 6Hx28:10-16
All forms of academic dishonesty are prohibited at Valencia Community College. Academic dishonesty
includes, but is not limited to, plagiarism, cheating, furnishing false information, forgery, alteration or misuse of
documents, misconduct during a testing situation, and misuse of identification with intent to defraud or deceive.
All work submitted by students is expected to be the result of the students' individual thoughts, research, and
self-expression. Whenever a student uses ideas, wording, or organization from another source, the source shall
be appropriately acknowledged. Students shall take special notice that the assignment of course grades is the
responsibility of the students' individual professor. When the professor has reason to believe that an act of
academic dishonesty has occurred, and before sanctions are imposed, the student shall be given informal notice
and an opportunity to be heard by the professor. Any student determined by the professor to have been guilty of
engaging in an act of academic dishonesty shall be liable to a range of academic penalties as determined by the
professor that may include, but not be limited to, one or more of the following: loss of credit for an assignment,
examination, or project; a reduction in the course grade; or a grade of "F" in the course. At the option of the
professor, the campus president may be furnished with written notification of the occurrence and the action

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