Womens Suffrage Movement In Pakistan

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Women’s Movement in Pakistan
Women in Pakistan have become victims to oppression of gender and class,
similar to those of other countries including the United States. The majority of the
population in this Middle Eastern country is under social, political, and economic
deprivation. Women especially have struggled to improve literacy, gain employment
opportunity, and gain public voice both within and outside of the Muslim regime.
Women activists in Pakistan have been working to obliterate these inequalities and
fight for their given rights. Over the past thirty years there has been progress
because of these activists, however there are still many walls to overcome in this
Middle Eastern country.
The strict traditional roles of women in Muslim families have wreaked havoc
on women’s abilities to attain equality. During the twentieth century, there have
been multiple attempts at legal and social reform targeted to improving Muslim
women’s lives in Pakistan. The two movements are on account of the social reform
movement in British India and the growing Muslim nationalist movement. Since the
partition happened, the status of women in Pakistan has been linked to the modern
state of Islam. There is still debate about how civil rights can be appropriated into
this Islamic society, and if it should be submissive with Islamic family law.
The struggle against women being abused in Pakistan is a result of gender-
based violence. This violence stems from honored killings, forced marriages, child
marriages, and other forms of gender violence. According to Filomena Critelli,
assistant professor of social work at University of Buffalo, gender violence’s are seen

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