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Will Technology Save or Ruin Our Civilization

August 13, 2013
Does technology go the right way and will it save or ruin our civilization?
It is believed that the human race exists on earth about 200,000 years, first originating in
Africa, but now they inhabit every continent, with a total population of over 6.5 billion
people as of 2007. In addition, with the humans occupying the planet, natural resources
extinct, pollution increases, technology grows. In todays fast paced world, technological
progress, changes, and advances are happening everyday. Occasionally, the technological
progress, changes, and advances are both good and bad. Furthermore, human race faces
extinction threats and issues, which pulls out a question if we can save the world or not.
The planet Earth is a massive place; one person cannot possibly make a difference.
However, if many people work at making their town safer and healthier the planet as a
whole can become safer and better place to live. Since technology has occupied the world
and our way of life, there is no chance to get rid of it, and make the world more simple.
However, there is a hope for saving ourselves and our planet, if we accept the modern
technological progress, use the most of it, and prevent global destruction.
With the entrance in the 21st century, technology is developing even more rapidly, and
marked progress in almost all fields of science and technology, which has led to massive
improvements to the technology we currently possess. The rate of development in
computers is only one example at which the speed of progress continues forward, leading
to the speculation of a technological spectacle occurring within this century. It can be
foreseen that technological progress is going to be the primary factor driving the
development of human civilization. When it comes to technology, it is thought as
communications, writing systems, telecommunications and mobile phones, animations,
broadcasting, radio, radar, satellites, printing, cinema, TV, and finally internet as most
advanced one. Therefore, technology continues to change our world each and every day.
Every year some new item of technology becomes a part of our everyday life. Technology
has made our lives long lasting, more comfortable, and easier. If we were to go without
some of the technology we have today life would be terrible with out it. In addition, many
of us would not have survived. However, if we let technology to tell us how to act and
think, then we might fall under its control. But, with technology in our lives many positive
benefits have developed. However, with the advantages there are also negative
consequences (disadvantages) that can develop. It is like the old saying, "With every good
there come some bad.
Nowadays, when the rapidness of development and research is so impressive, it is easy to
think about the advantages of modern technology. Nevertheless, some people argue that
science can destroy the humankind. It is also obvious that we are close on an era where
technology is limited only by our imagination. Therefore, the most frequently asked
question is does technology go the right way and will it save or ruin our civilization? It can
be argued a lot about this topic, so briefly, I would just say that there are two sides of each
issue. On one hand, there are big disadvantages. As it is clearly presented in the
documentary film Baraka, in the past people had very peaceful life, living in the wild,
enjoying the beauties of the nature. Today, the world have changed tremendously. Only
small portion of the worlds population is leaving this way. The continents and its
developed and under developing countries are living a life guided by technology. The air is
polluted because of the great traffic and fabrics. Person-to-person communication is based
on minimum, now we use computers and internet, faxes, or telecommunications (phones)
to do that. The wild life is in its extinction. The pure nature is destroyed, buildings are
build all over. The machinery is constructed to do peoples work. The humans are very
addicted to the technological development. In addition, when it comes to technological
addiction, such as mobile phones , which provide people-to-people
communication/interaction, the teenagers are the biggest target. Health harming is being
caused by mobile phones, because there is radiation, which leads to consequences such as
headaches, earaches, blurring of vision and even causing cancer. Even though these
problems are still under research, mobile phone users are advised to reduce the usage on
mobile phones if it is possible. There is also presence of less and less privacy respected
with the use of computers and internet. Today, it is very easy for many people to get into
your personal computer, e-mail addresses, history of websites used, in order to find out
immense number of information, which can be later be used for personal gain. This is also
a case with cameras, either mobile phone cameras, computer cameras, and classical
cameras, where intimacy is no more respected. What is even more important is that with
technological progress there are more and more machinery, there is less need for human
labor, which brings poverty, leaves people without jobs, unemployment is growing, but it
still does not affect the economy because the progress can be even better and more
efficient with the development of the industry. There are less and less farmers, because of
the huge use of technological machinery who can perform better for less cost and lower
time. This is really affecting many societies and cultures. However, it can be argued that

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