Why Poor People’s Bad Decisions Make Perfect Sense

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The University of Akron
SOC 1010
Mackenzie Vanaman
EDEC 3500
September 25, 2019
This is Why Poor People’s Bad Decisions Make Perfect Sense
This article is written from the viewpoint of a woman that live in poverty everyday . I feel
that this insight gave more meaning because it was written by someone who feels the effects
everyday, not an outsider. She describes her daily struggles and why it is hard to impossible for
people in poverty to just “work harder” or “make better choices.” In the first paragraph alone she
breaks the idea of “if poor people worked harder they wouldn’t be poor”.” Linda explains her
day as she works two jobs while also going to school to better herself. She also has to care for
her children and take care of the house. Having two jobs alone plus being a mother shows great
work ethic and commitment. This also leaves no time for rest or to get ahead which overtime can
take a toll on anyone. Linda also explains how it is hard to make long-term budgeting decisions
because she is aware of the cycle she is in and knows that there is never a day anytime soon that
she will get ahead. Living day by day and taking bills as they come is the best she can because
thinking long-term just makes her lose hope. Depression is something that I never thought of for
people living in poverty but makes complete sense when Tirado explains it. She says that they
will never not be tired, will never get a vacation, and know not to be hopeful (Tirado 2). A