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Why Marketing Is Important

July 8, 2019
Principles of Marketing
Why Marketing Matters to You
1. What are the major ethical issues surrounding Arizona’s decision to more
aggressively market its state lottery to increase revenues? Who are the affected
stakeholders? How will those stakeholders be affected? The major ethical issues
is the choice between increasing revenues and the potential dangers of
increasing gambling by citizens. The affected stakeholders are the marketers by
relying on lotteries for funding.
2. If you were helping the state of Arizona to market its lottery, what would you
recommend? In order to market the state lottery I would focus on media
marketing. Aiming for commercials and ads online. These ads should be
available to all applicable audience and these ads should show major benefits for
the customers. Create an ad where customers develops more interests in the
state lottery and also shows where the revenues go. Since media has become
such a big part of everyone's life today the best bet to market all audiences is
through media.
3. Which element of the marketing mix (promotion, price, place, or product) do you
think is the most valuable in promoting state lotteries? Which element do you
think presents the greatest potential ethical risk when marketing state lotteries?
Promoting the state lottery would be the most valuable element. Advertising
message of the product honestly represents the benefits. The promotional
strategy does not incorporate violence, sex, or profanity that may be
inappropriate for some members of the society. The advertising message does
not attack competing products and it highlights the products benefits. The major
risk is increasing and advocating gambling in the state.

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