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Why Mandatory Stress Checks Are Important?

July 8, 2017
Tran 1
Jessica Tran
Jacqui Cain, MA
English 101
13 June, 2017
Why Mandatory Stress Checks Are Important?
Stress has been called the “health epidemic of the 21st century” by the World Health
Organization. It is one of the most significant challenges that America is facing over the next
decade – a threat to engagement, productivity, retention and looming health care costs. Stress
also has adverse impacts on individual health and well-being. However, people do not
necessarily take action to prevent stress or manage it well. This issue can be addressed
effectively by establishing a proactive mental health management to maintain the wellness of
Americans and raise their awareness. The U.S. authorities should include mandatory annual
stress checks in the mental healthcare program, and citizens should fulfill that duty to prevent
negative effects of stress on both individuals and society.
Living in a modern and developed society is not always straightforward as people are
under significant pressure. When life tension intensifies and people fail to handle, it will become
stress. Taking myself, for example, I am an international student studying far from home. High
living expenses, new environment and opposite educating method make the anxiety of my
college life on the rise. I believe the majority of students experience the same situation:
struggling from stress in campuses. Similarly, the other age groups also suffer from a stressful
life due to finance, work and relationships. Stress, as a result, would lead to mental health
disorders, productivity lost, and increased crime rate and national costs. The stress check should
Tran 2
be taken early and regularly, before the onset of serious disorders. If I am required to take the
checkup, I will have a chance to know my recent mental state and change my lifestyle
appropriately to relieve stress and do better in school. If stress can be identified and treated, life
quality will be improved appreciably and minimize its adverse impacts. However, there is still a
lack of awareness of stress-related diseases and social problems. Accordingly, stress checks play
a critical role in developing citizens' consciousness of mental health and avoiding incidental risks
caused by stress.
Many surveys and studies have illustrated that the stress status in the U.S. is now on an
alarming rate. In 2007, Americans’ stress level decreased from 6.2 to 4.9, the report “Stress in
America: Paying with Our Health” from the American Psychological Association (APA) found.
Despite this downward trend, Americans are still facing with stress level that is higher than

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