What to do with unused Embryo

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medical ethics
What to do with unused embryos in the U.S.?
I read an article about what families do with their unused embryos when they do not want
any more children or can not have any more children. This article was found in the New York
Times from June 18, 2015. This article gave information from statistics, families experiences,
state laws and how some processes work. With in this paper I will break down the different areas
and include the information that I found and then elaborate on my morals. According to the
article the writer contacted the American Society for Reproductive Medicine and asked if these
practices were ethically acceptable and a spokesman for the society said that the ethics
committee thought at the time it was to premature to issue an opinion. But I do have my own
morals to express.
I personally have investigated the process of IVF. Where I found it to be costly, and not
for just the procedure but everything leading up to the procedure. I did not look at donation due
to my eggs and husband’s sperm were still good candidates for he IVF. We did not complete the
process due to finding stage 2 ovarian cancer through an ultra sound exam, going through
surgery to remove, 4 rounds of chemotherapy (which I chose not to remove and freeze my eggs),
to coming out with flying colors to go forward with IVF and then finding out we were going to
be grandparents instead. There went my dream of birthing my own child. But the cost to freeze