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Week 2 Eng2150

September 19, 2019
EN2150: Week 2 Assignment
What is the 3-x-3 writing process and
why is it important to my healthcare career?
This assignment helps you apply your knowledge from this week’s modules
and readings.
Healthcare employees are expected to be effective written and oral
communicators. In order to write effectively in a professional environment in
a way that is understandable and well-received, you must follow the 3-x-3
writing process.
Planning Business Messages
Answer the following questions.
1. Business writing should be purposeful, economical, and _____________________.
(Select only one)
2. Which of the following identifies the three phases of the writing process?
(Select only one)
Analyzing the audience, adapting to the audience, and selecting a communication channel
Identifying the purpose, writing economically, and orienting the audience
Informing, persuading, and entertaining
Prewriting, drafting, and revising
3. How does the 3-x-3 writing process help people avoid wasting time when creating messages?
The 3-x-3 writing process help people create messages in less time
because it is very simple and straightforward and easy to follow so that
anyone could use it to compose a written material.
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4. Phase 2 of the 3-x-3 writing process involves analyzing your purpose, anticipating your
audience, and adapting your message to the audience.
True False
5. Good writers should expect to spend most of their time revising their messages.
True False
6. The two primary purposes for sending business messages are typically to ______ and _______.

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