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Watershed White Paper

December 30, 2019
Minimizing Water Use
Brendan Giampa
Water is a necessity in our everyday life. It is one of the very things that we as humans
need to live, but also other living creatures as well. And a major problem that we are facing
today is that we are running out of our fresh water. Fresh water only makes up 2.5% of all
water on earth and that’s not a great amount to begin with. We are using and abusing our
fresh water. Polluting it beyond the ability to be able to drink it and killing the aquatic life and
poisoning the animals who rely on that water for hydration. A great example of why we need
to minimize water use is Lake Mead in Nevada. With the rise of Las Vegas and other desert
cities out west, it has really put a toll on the water levels in Lake Mead. For decades the water
levels at Lake Mead at the earliest recording in 1947 was 1180ft above sea-level. The water
levels rose through the decades, rising to just a mere 10ft below capacity at 1214ft above sea-
level in 1997. and as of August 2017, the water levels are at a horrific 1079ft above sea-level.
When the water level gets too 1050ft above sea-level, the Hoover Damn can no longer produce
hydroelectricity. When the water levels get to 850ft above sea-level, it can no longer produce
water to be used anywhere or else the lake will most likely dry up. This would put many

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