War Dance

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University of Idaho
DAN 100
What are important characteristics of war dances? Describe up to three examples provided by
your text?
The important characteristics of war dances that I talk about are power, a national festival
ceremony, and attractive activity. For example, in China, the war dance is the origin of
traditional Chinese martial arts. Chinese soldiers learn tricks and techniques that can be used
on the battlefield during the martial arts practices to win the future war; being filled with
power became one of the characteristics of the war dance in China. Unlike Chinese martial
arts, war dances also originated as a form of recreational folk dances in Europe. This kind of
dance is presented at the annual festival in many places. The Morris Dance of the British
Isles, men wear elaborate costumes and celebrate together. They even use ribbons and bells as
decoration on the consumes. Moreover, the third characteristic of war dance is an attractive
activity because the purpose of war dances in Hungary and Bulgaria is attracting new
soldiers. The Gunner’s Dance, a type of the war dances, performed by men who wearing
hobnailed boots with fierce stomping. When the dancers tread hard on the ground, the sound
is loud which will attract more attention from audiences and people will be interested in it
and willing to join them.