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Walmart Final Paper

January 14, 2020
Amani Lee
October 15, 2019
Final Paper
Walmart, formerly Wal-Mart Stores, is an American retail corporation that operates a
chain of hypermarkets, grocery stores, and discount department stores. It was founded by Sam
Walton in 1962 and incorporated in October of 1969. Despite being a traded company, Walmart
is a family business holding many titles, including but not limited to, second largest public
corporation in the world, largest retailer based on turnover and customer base, and ranked among
the best employers in the world by Fortune Global 500. The corporation has over two million
employees in the world making it the leading private employer globally. They currently have
8,500 retail outlets in over 15 countries. The brand name ‘Walmart’ is used in the United States
including Puerto Rico while in other countries, the company operates under the names ‘Best
Price’, ‘Walmex’, ‘Asda’, and ‘Seiyu’. It’s operations and subsidiaries in countries such as the
U.S, United Kingdom and China are highly successful. So, why is Walmart so popular around
the world? Sam Walton, “Mr. Sam” as he was known, believed in leadership through service.
This has drove the decisions of the company for the past 50 years. Sam’s competitors believed
his idea of offering a low price and great value would never work. As it turned out, the company
exceeded even Sam’s expectations. Sam credited the success not from just his strategy but from
his associates. Walmart evolved from his drive and his goals of great value and great customer
service and their mission is to make your life a little easier, so you can live a little better.
Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning
The main aim or goal of an establishment is to sell the products or services to their target
market and make a profit. Although Walmart attempts to target customers of all ages, they tend
to pay more attention to young consumers such as Generation X to achieve loyalty for a long-
term relationship. Along with the promise of cheap prices, they also focus a lot on Millennials.
The main marketing strategy is offering products at a low price to achieve volume sales at a
reduced profit margin. This proved to be very popular with consumers especially for the poor
and middle class society. For any company, you not only have to anticipate the needs of the
potential customer to be successful in today’s competitive market, but you have to work towards

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