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Villa Mamas Business

January 6, 2015
Background Information:-
Background information-
Villa mama is a newly opened Bahraini restraunt that has gained an outstanding reputation
over less than a year for its mouth-watering Bahraini dishes and excellent service. The
owner of the restraunt is Ms. Roaya Saleh, a Bahraini citizen who is passionate about
serving cultural dishes with a modern twist.
The topic I'm introducing today is, what motivational ways can Villa Mamas use with her
staff in order to recruit them after their 2 year contract has ended?
Villa mama's staff has gotten a lot of great comments about their service which is one of
the reasons that the owner of Villa Mamas wants to recruit them and renew their contract.
I have decided to write my commentary based on the following supporting documents:
- An interview with the owner of Villa Mamas, Ms.Roaya.
- A survey of questions distributed to the staff of Villa Mamas.
- Reviews posted on several websites on the internet about the service.
Note: Full references for these documents can be found in the bibliography.
Some customer reviews found on:
" Wonderful food. I asked the server who was surprisingly the owner for recommendation
and was impressed the way she presented the dishes on the ipad along with associated
I ordered the black grape glazed chicken. The food arived with great display and taste was
truely wowed it reminded me of those chef restaurants in San Francisco or Las Vegas. The
grape gravy sweet bitter taste was heavenly. My wifes dish was great too eventhough just
the local pasta but v impressive. We topped it with red velvet cake. Great place with

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