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I. Execuve Summary
Ventria Bioscience was founded in 1993 by Dr. Raymod
Rodriguez, a biologist on the faculty of the University of
California-Davis. From the beginning, Rodriguez hoped to
incorporate the commercializa%on of his techniques for
producing pharmaceu%cal proteins extracted from rice.
The company wanted to create a medicine that could
combat the severity of childhood diarrhea, which is bene)cial
for public health, mainly for those in the developing worlds.
Since then, Ventria have tried to implement their e+orts in
proposing a plan to plant at least 120 acres to begin
commercial-scale produc%on. But considering the regula%ons
made by the California Rice Commission and California
Secretary of Agriculture, the company faced mul%ple issues in
trying to move forward with this decision.
The major problems facing the company include the
concern made by farmers and food companies about the
contamina%on of their products with the company’s
pharmaceu%cal proteins and seeking the approval from both
state and federal regulatory. In 2004, the regulatory rules
covering plant-made pharmaceu%cals were complex. The
overlap of the rules put in place by the Food and Drug
Administra%on (FDA), the Environmental Protec%on
Agency(EPA) and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), all
made the implementa%on of biopharming di8cult to pursue.
To combat these issues, we recommend that Ventria
quit their current implementa%on plan and propose a new plan
that provides boundary-crossing departments, so the complex
demands of the external environment are answered. Doing this
will get the public’s opinion in favor of their posi%on on
pharmaceu%cal crops and the bene)ts that come along with
them. As a company, it is also important to listen to the issues
that are raised by stakeholders because they are a+ected by the
organiza%on’s ac%ons, objec%ves, and policies. Ventria should
take the issues that are raised into considera%on and should
provide a report answering all the issues raised by the
stakeholders to improve their company.
I. Execu%ve Summary ___________________________________________ 1
II. Statement of the Problem ________________________________ 3-5
III. Causes of the Problem ___________________________________ 6-7
IV. Decision Criteria and Alterna%ve Solu%ons ___________________ 8-10
V. Recommended Solu%on, Implementa%on and Jus%)ca%on______ 11-12
VI. External Sourcing _______________________________________ 13
II. Statement of the Problem
Ventria is facing an array of problems as a company. They are an Agricultural BioTech
)rm that is involved in two di+erent industries which are causing them to face regula%ons
from di+erent organiza%ons. Addi%onally BioTech )rms become pro)table by spending years
on research and development and then hopefully being able to commercially produce a