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I. Executive Summary
Ventria Bioscience was founded in 1993 by Dr. Raymod
Rodriguez, a biologist on the faculty of the University of
California-Davis. From the beginning, Rodriguez hoped to
incorporate the commercializa%on of his techniques for
producing pharmaceutical proteins extracted from rice.
The company wanted to create a medicine that could
combat the severity of childhood diarrhea, which is beneficial
for public health, mainly for those in the developing worlds.
Since then, Ventria have tried to implement their effort in
proposing a plan to plant at least 120 acres to begin
commercial-scale production. But considering the regulation
made by the California Rice Commission and California
Secretary of Agriculture, the company faced multiple issues in
trying to move forward with this decision.
The major problems facing the company include the
concern made by farmers and food companies about the
contamina%on of their products with the company’s
pharmaceutical proteins and seeking the approval from both
state and federal regulatory. In 2004, the regulatory rules
covering plant-made pharmaceuticals were complex. The
overlap of the rules put in place by the Food and Drug
administration (FDA), the Environmental protection
Agency(EPA) and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), all
made the implementation of biopharming difficult to pursue.
To combat these issues, we recommend that Ventria
quit their current implementation plan and propose a new plan
that provides boundary-crossing departments, so the complex
demands of the external environment are answered. Doing this
will get the public’s opinion in favor of their position on
pharmaceutical crops and the benefit that come along with
them. As a company, it is also important to listen to the issues
that are raised by stakeholders because they are affected by the
organiza%on’s action, objective, and policies. Ventria should
take the issues that are raised into consideration and should
provide a report answering all the issues raised by the
stakeholders to improve their company.
I. Execu%ve Summary ___________________________________________ 1
II. Statement of the Problem ________________________________ 3-5
III. Causes of the Problem ___________________________________ 6-7
IV. Decision Criteria and alternative solution ___________________ 8-10
V. Recommended Solu%on, implementation and Jus%)ca%on______ 11-12
VI. External Sourcing _______________________________________ 13
II. Statement of the Problem
Ventria is facing an array of problems as a company. They are an Agricultural BioTech
firm that is involved in two different industries which are causing them to face regulation
from different organization. additionally BioTech firms become profitable by spending years
on research and development and then hopefully being able to commercially produce a