Unnatural Disasters Project: Research Notes Part 1

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GLG 110 Geologic Disasters
Unnatural Disasters Project: Research Notes Part 1
Case Study: TVA, Ecuador, or Fukushima (This will be assigned)
This is Part 1 of your research assignment: Find a source using the CGCC Library
databases relevant to your assigned case study, and briefly summarize the article within
the following categories. Type directly into the text fields they will expand as you add
information. Repeat this process for FIVE total sources. As you complete Part 1, write
down any questions that come up in your mind, you will need these for Part 2. You will
need to bring copies of these to the Unnatural Disasters forum.
Due via Canvas Upload by and no later than 10/19
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HEARN, K. (2009). Toxic Coal in Tennessee. Nation, 288(7), 2023.

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