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Twilight Zone

November 21, 2020
ENC 1101 11:00am -11:50am
The Twilight Zone (Walking Distance)
If I could go back in time, I never would have the nostalgia of my past like
Martin Sloan had when he decided to walk to Homewood the hometown, he left
25 years ago. Mysteriously, he arrives to find things exactly as they were when he
was a child and believes he must change something about his past. Through
character analysis we will explore Sloan’s motives, the plot, as well as the overall
theme of the story.
Sloan is a successful man with a promising career and aspirations, but like
most, he longs to travel back to his past and relive his younger days. Nostalgia of
passed memories toy with Sloan’s mind as he recalls events that he wishes he
could revisit. Though, when he is cast into exodus and is given his chance to revisit
his past, it is not at all how he thought it would be. Sloan believed that he did not
enjoy his childhood as much as he should of and thinks that by telling his younger
self to enjoy it to the fullest would fix a regret of his past. This in turn does more
harm than good and teaches Sloan not to mess with the past as it affects your
future. Like most successful businessmen, Sloan feels that he was too busy and
focused on the future to fully enjoy his childhood but learns that everything

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