Tim Cook Discussion

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Fitchburg State University
Organizational Behavior
Week 2 Discussion
Using a search engine of your own choosing, find an article about Tim Cook and the job he is
doing at Apple. What evidence of team-oriented decision making did you find in your article? In
your research, did you find any reference to emotional content for others to buy into Cook's
vision of the company’s future and accept change? Be sure to summarize any approach
One thing is clear, Tim Cook manages Apple very different than his predecessor. Since taking over the
company in 2011, he has had his successes and admi"ed blunders. I.E it’s Mobile Mapping in which Cook
apologized to it users and told them to use Google Maps instead (Lashinsky, Adam. (3/26/2015).
additionally, “Cook has differen2ated himself from Jobs in a myriad of ways” (Lashinsky, Adam.
(3/26/2015). Cooks background isn’t in product design or development and he leaves that to his
development team, “He’s a coach who trusts his players” (Lashinsky, Adam, 3/26/2015) Cook knows
what his employees are doing on a high-end scope but unlike Jobs, does not get involved at every level.
Cook management style appears to be working as Apple has continued to see signiticant growth under
his leadership. “Fiscal 2015 was Apple’s most successful year” (Investopedia.com October 28, 2015)
Cook has made a commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) (Robbins, pg85). Tim Cook is