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This I Believe

June 5, 2021
Alison Armstrong
Rough Draft
This I Believe Essay
For this essay I am going to write about equal rights when it comes to love. I myself am from the
LGBQT community. I currently have a fiance who is a female. When i first came out to my family
and friends It was not something I wanted to do. When it got out that I liked girl’s it was not my
choice to tell my mom, It was forced out of me. My best friend at the time was suppose to be
fighting this girl in high school. The girl had a girlfriend that i secretly had a crush on and the
girlfriend liked me back as well even though she had a girlfriend. Well my best friends mom
looked directly at the girl and said and I quote “Why do you wanna fight my daughter? Alison is
the one who is in love with your girlfriend” right in front of my mother. So basically that is how
my coming out story is. But i feel as if you should be able to love whoever you want to love. As
Commented [ZK1]: I feel that after this sentence
should be an area that you explain that you feel
everyone should have equal rights. You should also
state your thesis within this area to make a solid
introduction paragraph.
Commented [ZK2]: I would make this story its own
paragraph to help organization

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