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The Tell-Tale Heart By Edgar Allan Poe

December 23, 2019
Assignment 02
The Tell-Tale Heart By Edgar Allan Poe
Human beings have nature which affected by horror. Also, there are some elements which
directly touch human nature and generally used by the writers and the directors. To create a
horrible moment, directors use loudly effects and supernatural creatures but writers use possible
events, murders or possible serial killers’ stories. That’s why, especially stories that come from
old times, have more effects on human nature in the light of horror elements.
The Tell-Tale Heart story by Edgar Allan Poe is a story which created as a Gothic story. He
created this story to add tension and create some suspense in the reader. In a wide aspect, he used
murder event to increase the reader’s tension and use metaphors to creating some suspense on
readers. Poe also didn’t tell this story directly, for instance, he didn’t say that the man's insanity
direct way. He transferred this information to the reader by his “ I heard all things in the heaven
and in the earth.” (para. 2) sentence. Also, he made a metaphor by his “Evil Eye” definition
which means “Evil I”.
As a reader, I can briefly say that Poe knows he can grab the attention and keep high the
tension until the end, even after the end, he made the reader think and hold them in horror feeling.
Poe used possibility for influence the human nature. We have insane people around us but we
don’t know even now. While he used possibility, he also used the real facts. Human beings watch
or read horror stories for lots of reasons. However, Poe used his metaphors and reality card
against to readers.
Some researches show that many people watch or read horror stories to prove that they are
fearless or prove that they are normal or enjoy other’s fears. With The Tell-Tale Heart, Poe
reached a lot of people and all of these people have different reasons maybe but whatever the
reason is, this story’s trip from the past shows that this is a successfully deep story.Actually, as
horror movies and stories lover, I follow this kind of stories and scenarios for I love high tension
situation and curiosity feeling a lot. Some psychologists defend that people who have an extreme
interest in horror stories could have some personality or mental problems in their life. It could be
true but if this would be a problem, why there is a lot of horror story writers all this time and why

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