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The Originals

May 5, 2020
Amari Askew
ENGL 103H-01
Dr. McKee
19, February 2018
The Originals
The Originals is a show that has been airing on the CW network since 0ctober 3, 2013. It
is a spin-off of another series called Vampire Diaries. The genre is Drama, Fantasy, and Horror.
There are 4 seasons and they will soon be airing season 5, the last season. The show centers on
the lives of the “Original” vampire family, the first vampires ever. They are the Mikaelson
siblings, Elijah, Niklaus, the original hybrid (half vampire and half werewolf), Rebekah and later
in the seasons Kol and Finn are introduced. It starts off by showing the siblings returning to the
French Quarter of New Orleans, a town they helped build centuries ago. They left in 1919 to
escape the cruel and abusive ways of their father Michael, who was on a search looking for them.
When they returned they are surprised to see Marcel Gerard, Klaus’s adopted son, another
vampire they thought had burned in a fire, leading the city. Not much later after returning, being
drawn their by a coven a witches, to the city Klaus learns that he has impregnated a werewolf,
named Haley, that he had a one-night stand with.
First you should know that all vampires descend from the original vampires. With them
being the oldest vampires in the history of time also makes them the strongest and most
powerful. It was Autumn of 1001 A.D. in Europe, the time of the Vikings, when the Mikaelson
family had just lost Henrik, the youngest of the siblings, to werewolves. They had a happy
family until Niklaus’s and Henrik’s obsession with the village werewolves led them to leave
there cave and witness them turning on a full moon, ending in Henrik getting killed by a turned
one. In order to protect any more of their children from being harmed or killed Mikael made
Esther use her magic to turn them into the first vampires. Their powerful witch mother
performed an occult blood ritual to protect the children that she had left (Finn, Elijah, Niklaus,
Kol, and Rebekah) and their father Mikael. She was the only one out of them that she didn’t turn.
With this they became faster and stronger than the werewolves, they also acquired increased,
agility, endurance, and stamina. To complete this spell she called on the power of the Sun for life

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