The Netherlands in Three Circles of English Model of Kachru

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The Netherlands in Three Circles of English Model of Kachru
What is the best country in Europe to travel for somebody who can only speak
English? It is the Netherlands. I have visited seven countries in Europe and the best country
where I feel comfortable to speak in English with people was the Netherlands, except for the
UK. That is the reason why the Netherlands has to be moved to the outer circle from the
expanding circle in the three circles model of world Englishes suggested by Braj Kachru, an
prominent Indian linguist. There are three reasons which support this suggestion: the highest
English proficiency of people in the Netherlands, its history and circumstances becoming
more globalized.
Everyone who has interest in world Englishes may have studied the three circles
model of Kachru. Because his model has been evaluated as the most acceptable among many
other models developed by other linguists. The reason is Kachru classified countries with
their colonial history and internal purposes of using English into three circles, compared to
other models, for example, which were just classified based on the geographical factors. So
Braj Kachru is the first scholar who focused on the background about the world-wide spread
process of English and the real situation where people use English. The first one is the inner
circle. It describes countries where English has been used very early in history as a mother
tongue and people use English for basic internal purposes like communication. Countries
such as America, the UK and Canada are included in the inner circle. These countries have