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The Nature of the Self

January 22, 2016
Kiera Sanders
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Dennett seems to have an identity crisis, an out of body realization
when he actually see’s his brain being kept alive outside of his body. I
think it is a feeling of being incomplete. Like when you get the feeling
that you are forgetting something, but you can not remember what it is
that you forget, yet you know it is something. He has a very difficult
time defining who he is and where he is, because as a person in whole,
he has been divided. He is no longer whole, he is many and none. I do
not think Dennett persist through the changes, but instead simply
struggles continuously which the thought of not being whole so much
so that his life and thoughts are constantly con)icting.
Locke may have agreed with Dennett’s thought of himself, because
Dennett was feeling that he was what his senses perceived. No matter
how hard he tried to place himself as being one with his brain, he felt
he was where he physically stood. He had mentioned that he tried to
place himself as one with is brain inside the vat, but when he closed
his eyes he found it difficult to even imagine he was with his brain, only
for a split second did he feel like he was where his brain was. Locke
had believed that the consciousness is gained from experience and self
perception, which it what appears to be going on with Dennett’s mind
and body problem.
I think Dennett (nds it implausible to say that he is identical to his

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