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The Maya Civilization

March 9, 2020
The Mayan Civilization was once a thriving and they “just disappeared.” Some may ask
how that can be so, well we will be discussing some factors (2) that may, since we cannot
guarantee these to be 100% accurate, have led to this. The two factors are Environmental damage
that they people may have caused which they later had to live with, and by nature and the second
is the population issue of the greater cities (History Editor, 2009).
The Environmental damaged caused by the people all starts with one word, Farmers, an
occupation most Maya people had since they were very big on agriculture. This was a good this
that later had very bad consciences. The good part to this is that they provided with the food not
only for themselves and their families but also to many others. Just like the agriculture of today
it all starts with clearing of a large piece of land that is then used to plant the crops. The Mayan
used the slash and burn method which cause deforestation, and soil erosion. The Environmental
factor caused by nature comes down to the region. The Mayan where located in the Yucatan
Peninsula. This area may have not had the best soil to plant and it also had an unusual weather

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