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The First Sin and the First Punishment: The Mortality

April 15, 2015
The First Sin and the First Punishment: The Mortality
Adam and Eve were placed into the Garden of Eden as the first human creations of the God.
They were told to be stay away from the tree of knowledge but Adam and Eve were tempted to
eat from the tree and the God got furious at both the humans He created. The Hebrew Bible
“Genesis 1-4” explains how the first sin originated by Adam and Eve. The idea we should
question here is not the actions of the first humans. When we think about the view of the first sin,
we notice that the God gets very serious at his creations. The God’s punishments seem to be very
strict but meaningful to make Adam and Eve realize the value of immortality and the Garden of
Eden. Why did the God get enormously angry when Adam and Eve were tempted to eat from the
tree, He forbade? This should be the main question to understand the idea of the expulsion of
Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden. Free will, Adam and Eve, had caused them very strict
punishments and by having free will they had unleashed the idea of having sin.
When we look at the general picture of Adam and Eve’s situation, there are some complex
issues to understand. First the God created Adam and then Eve and, also he gave the humans free
will. The Hebrew Bible “Genesis 1-4” Adam says “from the fruit of the garden’s trees we may
eat, but from the fruit of the tree you shall not eat, lest you die” (160, Genesis 1-4). In this text
basically the Lord God gives them free will to choose whatever they want to eat and adds that if
they eat from the tree of knowledge, they die. The understanding from this text may indicate that
the God offers two options; either eat from other trees and live forever or eat from the tree that I
forbade and you die. Free will the humans have allow them to have a choice and the serpent’s
Ersayin 2
temptation fell them into the first sin. In other words, the existence of free will is connected to
temptations to do what one is not supposed to or is forbidden to do.
Another idea of the picture of the first sin is; why the God got furious at the humans and

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