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1. History of Cocoon:
The Cocoon Original Vietnam is a natural vegan Vietnamese cosmetic brand. Cocoon belongs to
Nature Story Cosmetic Co., Ltd Vietnam. 6 years ago, Cocoon officially launched to users with two
main products: squash extract and pomelo peel extract, which specializes in treating acne and fading
dark spots. At this time, Cocoon began to receive a lot of acceptance from consumers. On 9/2020,
Cocoon was certified «not tested on animals and vegan» by the global animal welfare organization
PETA. In 11/2020, Cocoon officially became the first Vietnamese brand to be approved by The
Leaping Bunny program of Cruelty-Free International one of the most famous programs to ensure
the production process is not tested on animals, in its commitment to not testing on animals.
2. The meaning of the brand’s name:
- Cocoon is like a 'house' to incubate small worms and nurture them to turn into lovely, beautiful
butterflies one day. In this sense, The Cocoon Original Vietnam is the home for the Vietnamese
people's skin, hair, and body, making you more beautiful, perfect, and bright on your own. It was born
for a simple reason to enhance the beauty of Vietnamese people with simple ingredients.
II. COCOON STRATEGY ANALYSIS: How COCOON’s Company creates and captures
customer value.
1. Understand what drives value for your customers
Understanding and meeting customers' needs is the premise of Cocoon's product development. And
Cocoon did.
When beauty issues are increasingly necessary, people are more careful with what they put on their
skin and promote humanitarian factors, vegan cosmetics is a trend that many people choose. With this
in mind, vegan cosmetics have become a favorite trend in many people's green lifestyle. Therefore,
Cocoon constantly researches and launches 100% vegan cosmetic lines that keep nutrients from
Vietnamese plants, safe and benign, do not use animal ingredients, do not test on animals. Cocoon is
known as one of the pioneering domestic brands in this field.
2. Cocoon designing a good customer-driven marketing strategy
With this item Cocoon Vietnam has 2 important questions that must be answered for designing a
Good Customer-Driven Marketing Strategy.
What customers will we serve (target market)?
How can we serve these customers best? What is our value proposition?
Selecting Customers to Serve
Cocoon first decides whom it’ll serve. It does this by dividing the market into segments of customers
(market segmentation) & selecting which segments it will go after (target marketing).

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