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The Blissful Life of Astrove

November 27, 2015
Tabitha Dexter
Theatre History
J. Gonzalez
October 21, 2014
The Blissful Life of Astrove
So much beauty being ravaged by those around us, the forest being ripped apart and turned
to ash destroying the elegance of the emerald greens. The animals are having their homes
torn apart by us! How can we do this to them, take away there homes and world, what if
someone did that to us? How will we cope and survive? The axe of man has destroyed
more than the forest but the life of animals alike. Oh how the laziness and stupidity of man
can be. Why can we not leave the land as it is and let it thrive and become luminous and
bright once again, let it be the focal point of the land and prosper forever in time.
I find myself thinking that like the forest, my life has become a bunch of nothingness; my
mind has become numb from my surroundings. My career has began running my life from
dawn to dusk I am working, seeing patients, and saving lives. My feelings have become
deadened to the world surrounding but why do I feel such desire for the beautiful and
vibrant Helena? I know I can never love a woman but I want to feel the touch of her hands
upon my skin and know a desire I have never felt. To be able to hold the ravishing woman
maybe bring some feeling back into my tragic existence. But can she accept what I can

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