The art of impulsive buying

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Florda international University
MKT 310
The art of Impulsive buying
In this independent study I’m going to talk about impulse and unplanned purchases,
which means that buying behavior and retail and distribution subjects would be involved.
Impulse purchases are made by unplanned decisions that a customer makes. It can be to buy a
service or a product. The art of impulse buying is accomplished by retailers who play with the
costumer’s emotions by creating a desire, or need of purchase of something that is not essential.
Impulse purchases are made online and in stores, however, in store has a higher rate because it’s
easier to catch the consumer’s attention, and give the costumer the instant gratification feeling.
The retail market is constantly expose to changes in trends. For that reason, retailers has
to maintain one step forward consumers expectances. Retailers has the facility to sell their
merchandise, but what it take to make them successful is having a strategic marketing mix.
Mostly, what make a retailer successful with the impulsive purchases are promotions. According
to the African journal of marketing management there are two key factors in impulsive
purchases: “The first is the promotional effect, which includes such stimuli as promotional
discounts (coupons, multiple item discounts and gifts) and cheaper prices. The second was
termed the atmospheric engagement effect (enjoyment and attractiveness) conveyed by the POP
posters. This categorization was quasi adopted for the purpose of this current study” (Tendai and
Crispen, 2009). Impulsive buying has the power of increase the company revenue and profits,
most of the retailers have being trying to influence the in store costumer decisions by creating