Textbook Quiz Chaper 6

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EDUC 624
EDUC 624 Textbook Quiz Chapter 6
1. Which statement about developing classroom norms for behavior and classroom procedures is
a. Developing/explaining rules should be done on the first day of school to set the context
for the year.
2. While individual teachers will have di erent policies about cell phone use at school, the authors
seem to favor the idea that
a. Teachers allow some cell phone use when there is legitimate need or during appropriate
specified #mes
3. With regard to classroom management on the first day of school, teachers should be most
committed to
a. teaching and prac#cing classroom procedures.
4. With regard to establishing the value of behavior standards, which of the following statements is
a. Teachers are more likely than students to be aware of the power di eren#als that are
present in school se(ngs.
5. A skill that is of high priority to teachers but that is not typically taught in classrooms is
a. How to respond appropriate when one is experiencing strong emotion
6. A teacher who is committed to increasing his cultural sensitivity would likely engage in all but
which of the following ac#vi#es?
a. having students in various cultural groups compete against one another as a classroom
academic or behavioral challenge
7. A teacher who wanted to help her students be successful at following direction might do all of
these things except
a. giving the instruc#ons in writing and allowing students to start on the activity as soon as
they have finished reading the direction.
8. All but which of the following are likely when teachers have under-developed or under-u#lized