Textbook Quiz Chaper 5

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EDUC 624
EDUC 624 Textbook Quiz Chapter 5
1. According to our text, what is the primary goal of periodic teacher-parent conferences?
a. To clarify and communicate student accomplishments
2. As a teacher, you have arranged a parent-teacher conference; therefore, you need to prepare for
it carefully. Which of the following is NOT a major form of data that is useful in a parent
a. data on all of the ways that information has been communicated to parents during the
semester, and what parent response has been
3. At an elementary school parent orientation meeting, one would be least likely to see a teacher
a. The specific instruc$ons and grading rubric for the first major project assigned
4. During parent conferences, it's important for teachers to ask
a. Whether the parents have question, suggestion, or other input that might help the
teacher meet the student’s needs
5. Given what you know about social capital, which of the following individuals would likely be
most anxious about par$cipa$ng in a parent-teacher conference with Mrs. Walker, a
seventh-grade teacher at Emerson Middle School?
a. Miss Feliz, who earned a GED, works in a bakery, and is the parent of a student with a
learning disability
6. Ideally, a teacher's first contact with students' families will occur
a. Prior to the start of the school year
7. Mr. Jones wants to have a parent-teacher conference with the parents of Raven Appleton.
Raven's grades have been declining for the past eight weeks. The Appletons have no$ced
academic and behavioral changes in Raven's behavior over the past two months as well. A;er