Textbook Quiz Chaper 4

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Liberty University
EDUC 624
EDUC 624 Textbook Quiz Chapter 4
1. A bully whose behavior is calculated and planned rather than triggered by a particular initiating
event is known as
a. Proactive
2. A teacher concerned with eliminating institutional racism would do all but which of the
a. Identify the classroom as a "culture free" zone where everyone is treated equally.
3. According to the text, which of the following is least likely to occur in a classroom where strong
positive peer relationships are present?
a. Bullying
4. All of the following are ways teachers can a(empt to reduce bullying and its effect except
a. responding to student bullies by treating them as they treat others, dealing with them
severely and immediately.
5. Base groups
a. Are heterogenous in composition
6. Given the current emphasis on mastery of content and preparation for state and national
assessments, administrators with adequate knowledge of classroom management would most
likely be pleased if a teacher's group-building activities were
a. related to the curriculum the teacher is responsible for delivering.
7. In helping students develop positive relationships with their peers, it is crucial that teachers
a. set conditions so students from all cultural groups feel valued and accepted in class and
in school.
8. Liadan is performing poorly in activities that require her to collaborate with her peers. Mrs.
Ramirez observes Liadan's interactions within the group and determines that Liadan is largely
ignored by other group members, and that the few contributions she tries to make are typically
overtly rejected. When this happens, Liadan responds angrily, saying loudly, "I don't care about
y'all at all." Which statement is likely true in this situation?