Textbook Quiz Chaper 3

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EDUC 624
EDUC 624 Textbook Quiz Chapter 3
1. According to information in Chapter Three, which of the following classroom qualities is the
foundation of effective classroom management?
a. positive teacher-student relationships
2. According to the text, what important question must a teacher ask him/herself when
determining student - teacher relationships?
a. How open and involved do I wish to be?
3. As the number of minority students, students from lower-wealth homes, and lower-achieving
students increases in their classrooms, teachers are more likely to
a. provide less emotional support and lower-quality instruction to lower-achieving students
than to high-achieving ones.
4. During a lesson you're observing, Ms. McFail asks Deaver a question for which the student
cannot immediately provide an answer. Ms. McFail could reasonably try all of the following
strategies, but which one is least likely to be helpful in terms of the student's learning?
a. allowing the student to pass to avoid the discomfort he may be feeling
5. Glasser asserts that there are three levels at which students can satisfy their need for power of
involvement in school. Which of the following is NOT one of the levels identified by Glasser?
a. Students believe that their teachers will provide them the answers they seek without
delving deeply into the potential reasons for the situation.
6. Ideally, the feedback we give students will help them a6ribute success or failure to
a. Their effort
7. In an effort to build rapport with her students, Ms. Bealls revealed very personal information
about her sexual orientation. Which action(s) should have preceded her revelation?
a. consulting school protocol and discussing the topic with her administrators