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"Brand Management in Marketing for
Higher Education: The University Brand
Personality Scale"
The following is a report explaining the study of Brand Management in
Marketing of Higher Education through the University Brand Personality Scale,
conducted by Philipp Rauschnabel in 2016. This will be done throughout three
different parts; the first one committed to the definition of Brand Personality and an
introduction to Aaker’s underlying dimensions. Next, we will show the importance of
branding techniques, more specifically brand personality in Higher Education as well
as how Rauschnabel tackles the perception gap. Finally, we will discuss each
dimension of the University Brand Personality Scale and then evaluate how Rennes
School of Business would rate.
Firstly, Brand personality is the set of human characteristics that are attributed
to a given brand. A Brand Personality is something to which the consumer can relate
as effective brand increases its brand equity by having a consistent set of traits that
a specific consumer segment enjoys
Aaker developed a framework to describe the brand personality and its traits in 5
core dimensions, each divided into a set of facets. Aaker uses the model to describe
a brand’s profile throughout a human being’s analogy. By analysing the lack of
harmony among the researchers on the definition regarding to this concept and its
components, Aaker defines brand personality as the human characteristics
associated with a brand.
The brand personality is divided into the following dimensions and their facets:
Sincerity (down to earth, honest, up to date) , Excitement (daring, spirited,