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Study Guide 3-1 Tannen Film, Kottak, Chapter 14
Tannen Film
-Take detailed notes over the video documentary.
First, Deborah Tannen revolutionized our understanding of gender and communication. Now, for
the first time on video, Tannen takes you on an intellectual journey to the core of how men and
women use language, and why communication between the sexes so often goes awry.
Taking a linguistic approach that sheds light on psychology, Tannen uses everything from
scholarly research to familiar examples from everyday life as her canvas. In this illuminating and
entertaining presentation, Tannen draws a road map through the complex maze of why we speak
the way we do, and why others so frequently don't hear what we mean.
From patterns formed in childhood, to the "conversational rituals" of adulthood, Tannen reveals
how "conversational style" lies at the core of myths, stereotypes, and miscommunication
between the sexes.
From why HE won't stop and ask for directions, to why SHE thinks he's not listening (even when
he is), Deborah Tannen's extraordinary and challenging presentation will inspire you to discuss,
debate, and rethink the nature of communication and gender.
Chapter 14: Language and Communication
1. Summarize the structure and nature of animal communication and how it differs from human
In most animals, their communication systems are instinctual. The characteristics are passed

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