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System Analysis & Design

February 4, 2016
Fall Semester 2015
Student Name: ____Kerry Carter___
Total value of this exam is 100 points. The value of each question is shown in parenthesis. Please
answer each question with short sentences, short essay or completing the instructions.
1. This question is worth 15 points.
a. Can the project sponsor and the project champion be the same person? Explain
- Yes on smaller projects they might be, on larger projects you have more than one sponsor or more
than champion; or they might just be different people.
b. What calculations are used in economic feasibility?
- Return on investment; NPV – net present value of money; breaks-even Analysis; cost/
benefit analysis.
c. What is the difference between a systems analyst and a business analyst?
- A system analyst interface between the business side and the development/ technical site
while a business analyst focuses on the business side of the project.
d. One of the skills needed for a systems analyst is to be ethical. Why do you think that is
- I think the reason that being ethical important is that the job requires you to be honest and
truthful when giving out information and planning systems.
e. What are the four phases of the SDLC and what is the major deliverable from each of the
- Planning – deliverables is the system request(also feasibility study and project plan )
- Analysis – deliverables is the system proposal
- Design – deliverables in the system specification (also alternative matrix)
- Implementation – deliverables is the installed system(including documentation, migration
plan and support plan)
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2. This question is worth 15 points.
a) What are the steps for writing a use case?
- Identify the person, groups or organizations served by your system.
- Brainstorm use case scenarios.
- Outline all steps and interactions.
- Identify the value of the system.
- Format your use case document.
- Finalize your use case document.
b) What are the most common ways to gather information for use cases?
- The requirements determination processes – and generally from interviews,
JAD sessions and observations.
c) Matt has identified 15 major steps in a use case. What should he do now?
- If I was in matt situation I would go back and redo the use case – to have each
step about the same size and to have (generally) no more than 9 major steps.
d) Vanessa is a manager in the department that has requested an updated system. Chad is the