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June 5, 2021
George Herbert Walker
School of Business & Technology
MNGT 6000 Syllabus
This is the capstone course for the Management & Leadership Degree Program. This course
includes an assessment exam that students are required to complete. Students who complete
the exam are given a chance to develop an individual development plan. Syllabus below provides
other details. The individual development plan provides a pathway to improve your
performance as a manager in todays’ challenging and complex global business landscape utilizing
the art and science of management and leadership. This course pulls together constructs from
the discipline of management and provides the basics of managerial functions, strategy,
management theory and best practices. The course enables students to understand key
characteristics of exceptional managers and how they lead their teams.
Catalog Description:
In this capstone course, students are expected to analyze, synthesize and integrate the
conceptual and theoretical knowledge based around the four program learning outcomes, using
a case-studies. The emphasis is on the application of theoretical and conceptual material found
in management, leadership, strategy and problem-solving frameworks.
Prerequisites for this course are, MNGT 5000, MNGT 5590, MNGT 5670, MNGT 5650, BUSN
5200, HRMG 5000, HRDV 5630
Course Level Learning Outcomes:
Upon successful completion of this course students will be able to:
1. Students will demonstrate proficiency with human capital development through team
building, group dynamics and collaboration and leading individuals and teams in organizations.
2. Students will utilize relevant facts to illustrate concepts, principles, and theories used in
management and leadership when creating solutions to multifaceted, complex management
problems as required in case studies.
3.Students will construct appropriate strategies for implementing solutions to management and
leadership problems that reflect their knowledge and explanation of the interrelationships
among strategic management, human resources management, leadership, and organization
development and change.
4. Students will evaluate processes used to adopt organizational solutions to constraints such as
finances and time horizons
Required Textbook:
Management Capstone by McGraw-Hill Create
ISBN # 13 – 9781307553949
Grading Criteria:
Your final grade will be determined based on the following and weighted as shown:
Discussion Forum 25%
Case Studies 30%
Mid Term Exam 20%
Final Exam 25%
Total 100%
Grade Point Scale:
93-100 A, 90-92 A-, 87-89 B+, 83-86 B, 80-82 B-, 77-79 C+, 73-76 C,
69 – 73 C-, 60 – 69 D, Below 60 F
A, A- Superior work
B+, B, B- Good work
C+, C, C- Satisfactory work
D+, D Passing but less than satisfactory work
I Incomplete work
ZF Incomplete work not completed within one year
F Unsatisfactory work no credit granted
W Withdrawn

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